This is where you will enter your billing and shipping information. You can always go back to each step to change colors at any time! Wilson Custom Glove Shop. But each product released has been a flash in the pan, because none have ever come close to replicating the performance and durability of SuperSkin. Before proceeding, please note that selecting a new model will clear any color and personalization data that you’ve completed. This adult Fastpitch softball glove Exclusively designed for the female athlete, the

Touchscreen-compatible fleece gloves for running. It doesn’t get much more personal than this! What To Buy Now. To start the actual purchase process click “Add to Cart”. You have tons of flexibility to create a glove that’s very unique, and very you. Non-slip back; Not harm floor surface.

These home decor finds are subtle and sophisticated, but still full of personality. What we can tell you is: Aso borrowed a few sheets of material and went to work.

All along, the answer to a perfect leather alternative was hiding in plain sight. Cowhide shell with rawhide laces and leather lining Sturdy, Yet Soft: When using the module you will notice that there are 4 areas of the glove for you to add your personal touch: Indoor and outdoor use.

So, if you tell us that you THROW with your right hand, we will build your glove to fit your left hand. However, he had never attempted to supetskin a lighter glove. No personal info is saved! Serifs can track its progress at Wilson.

Wilson’s X Factor Game-changing innovation. We’ll embroider it right on your glove in the color and font you choose. The module will give you thousands — maybe even millions — of superrskin to make your glove perfectly you.

What To Buy Now. Make your home unique. The logo will be placed near the base of the pinky of your glove. Getting pampered at the salon is wonderful,but you don’t have to shell out majorly every time for a gorgeous mani.


Please note, the colors on the screen are as representative as possible but may not be exact matches to the actual colors of your glove. Again, like the pros, you get to choose which color MLB batter silhouette logo to put on your glove. When you are done with your new masterpiece and ready to share or buy it, click the “Review and Buy” button.

And it was designed to be used on concrete, so I knew the material was durable. It will turn black and yellow when available. The holiday season is in full swing, which means weekends are filling up with parties.

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You can share your glove on Facebook, Twitter or send it to all of your family and friends via email by clicking the appropriate icon. All of this leading you to the promised land, Review and Buy. Now is the time to stock your closet with new plus-size fashion finds from Nordstrom.

This is also a great way to send someone a “hint” on what to buy you for the holidays or your birthday, or just because wiilson awesome.

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It’s not rocket science just make sure you choose the correct hand. We’ve updated the site to make it even easier to the design the glove that you want.

This adult Fastpitch softball glove From workout leggings seies a stunning LBD, we’ve rounded up six stylish pieces you can get on major discount. Its discovery could even be seen as a happy accident. These water-proof, wind-proof, and snow-proof glov But he had an idea. You have tons of flexibility to create a glove that’s very unique, and very you.

For information on website security, payment options, taxes, returns, shipping, personalization, and more, visit http: If you want something to hang up to remind you of what’s coming, you can refer to this sheet when the right time comes. This step allows you to really make your glove your own by embroidering your name, number, etc.


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Wilson Baseball & Softball Gloves

Please contact Customer Service atif you have any issues accessing information on this website. You’ll receive an email with a tracking number when your glove leaves our distribution facility. The Year was You love your pet, supersikn you love to show them off. Materials that consistently perform and dependable Hey There, looks like you’re using Safari In order to use this site, please agree to initialize session variables.

We ship it to you and you rule the field. Your glove should arrived within weeks. Simply by watching a player in action, examining his current glove, and even feeling his handshake, Aso can develop or modify a glove pattern specifically for him. You now have the option to select from a lineup of emblems and country flags to add to your glove. When coloring your glove you will have the option to select up to 2 colors for your leather, up to 2 colors for your Trim, up to 2 colors for your Lacing, and up to 5 colors for your stitching.

You can save a total of 4 gloves at a time to compare. Show your friends what you just created and reveal to them your true genius! Wilson 12” A Series GloveYellow. Other manufacturers have tried for years to create their own version of SuperSkin using ballistic nylon, molded materials, shoe materials and auperskin. Skip to main content.

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