Kanchi Maha Periyava paramacharya Public Figure. See more of Kanchi Paramacharya on Facebook. Hi Sangita, sorry, this is the only link I have: Was searching for the song and here I got it.. The actor is Shri Veeramani and his email id is veeranveeramani gmail. Now they are showing Aum Namahshivaya in that slot. With a Gratitude, thank you so much for the fantastic song

Please inform how to solve this issue. Mahaperiyava has been brought live by your efforts. Hope you would consider my request and talk to your management. Panchanathan Suresh April 11, at 4: Sections of this page. Thothathri Venugopal March 5, at In my personal experience on march 19th, when I returned early from office to see the serial at 6.

Sir, Not sure why this serial portraying life of Mahaperiyava was stopped. Was searching for the song and here I got it. Sairam November 1, at Swaminathan in “Tamil Zee” tv channel everyday at 8: Language spoken by them was another drawback.

With a Gratitude, thank you so much for the fantastic song Panchanathan Suresh February 25, at 3: Panchanathan Suresh March 14, at 4: Hi Guhan, some episodes can be watched here in this new location: Panchanathan Suresh February 27, at 9: Thothathri Venugopal March 5, at I am humbled by the generous kindness in your words Shri Venky, thanks a bunch!



Mahaperiyavaa is always with you all. He surely has the great mahaan’s blessings to even don this role. Seeing Mahaperiyava in epixode serials makes us very adhieayangalum to feel his presence with ananda tears in our eyes.

K R Sankaran February 27, at 6: Namasthe Smt Kalpagam, the actor who portrays Swamigal is Shri Veeramani and his email id is veeranveeramani gmail.

I somehow felt that they were asked to suddenly finish this within 50 episodes Please inform how to solve this issue.

In fact, this is so impressive that I have been watching the episodes here rather than on TV even though I had time. Panchanathan Suresh March 13, at All factual inaccuracies in picturisation will disappear by His Grace in future. Koothur Sriram March 3, at 9: Let me try and reach out to some folks to get the contact details of the actor portraying Swamigal.

The Panditji doing the pooja would offer the sweets to the Lord, and apply Sindhur on the forehead of the devotees. Panchanathan Suresh March 6, at 3: Hi, please click this link and try: Panchanathan Suresh March 5, at While watching1 I ignore HIStorical errors – which could have been avoided by the producers- and my mind visualizes Adhlsayangalum, overwhelmed mahaanglaum emotion.


Please do watch it online from the above links, whenever you get time.

Once Swaminathan returned to Chennai, he went to Kancheepuram for Periva’s darshan. The voice is so soothing.

Mahaperiyava’s Mahangalum Adhisiyangalum Vijay TV Episodes! – Shankara!

When we see with our own eyes, we are bewildered! The Crafters Tent March 23, at 8: Venky April 22, at Fulo serial was a life changer in my life Though in some episodes not up to the mark, this is surely a good introduction of the great mahaan to us and our younger generation which spend most of their time in watching tv.

With tears thanking him so much.

Is this not a little too much!! And tamil tube is not having all the episodes. Panchanathan Suresh May 27, at 3: Panchanathan Suresh April 22, at If he has any FB address or an email, we would like to send messages to him

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