Episode 55 with Mr. Building an underwater village near Beef’s jungle. Explicit Episode 20 – Minecon Edition feat. Explicit Episode 88 – Doc as temporary Pyro impersonator. Rebuilding the arena roof Talking about the B-Team casino and one-upping others on the server Flooding the arena and playing with boats. Posted in Strip Tagged 0uicmoi, comic, creeper, enchantement, etho, ethos, ethoslab, feed the beast, fun, funny, generikb, hopper, mindcrack Ive had such an amazing experience being a moderator of the rmindcrack. Explicit Episode 11 – Millbee.

See Killing the Enderdragon. Showing quirky portal connections Traveling to find new biomes and blocks. A prank on Zisteau. Setting up a pyrotechnics system at the arena. May the force be with you! Episode with Millbee. Working on the PVP area Window shopping at spawn.

Episode Mindcrack Marathon.

Mindcrack Podcast

Discussing left hand controls Practicing aiming in melee combat, discussing advantages of low ground and blocking Practicing archery and discussing strategies of attacking and evading and ways to get bows Testing their PVP skills against each other. Sky Shrooms Part mindcrac, “.

The playlist for this series is “Etho Mindcrack – Season 1”. I thank Guude, and epksode the rest of the guys for a fun and exciting ride, even when May 1, minLooks stable now;-The Mindcrack Server is running Minecraft 1.

Explicit Episode with Eneija. Episode 89 – Barely Audible. Explicit Episode with Vechs. Discovering penguin pranks left by Avidya and Pyro Playing various death-related games with VintageBeef and Mhykol in the middle of Spawn.


Ethos Lab Top videos

Explicit Episode – Chad Coe and Guude. Admiring the B-Team efforts clearing out his new base Getting a tour of thejims bases Looking at the pits in the subway station and other homes in the spawn town Discussing UHC and mindcrac, snapshots on the serve. Explicit Episode with VintageBeef. Speed build of building a beach, complete with sandcastle, beach ball, and Pause reclining in ;lays straw hat with a cool drink to poke fun at his frequent “vacations” Audio excerpt from the Mindcrack Podcast 37 where Guude is poking fun at Pause’s vacations.

This is the world map release by Mindcrack of their Season 4 server map on their world reset for. Explicit Episode with DireDwarf.

Exploring an intersecting ravine Starting to make Wither spawning pads Talking about the server being down due to Hurricane Sandy. Discovering four chests while caving Work on the storage area Trolling the B-Team during their livestream. King of the Ladder”. Explicit Episode with Lorgon Pranking AnderZEL by placing episide and rigged dispensers with potions with negative effects around his base. Improving the horse timer Trying to do horse wheelies with BdoubleO Discussing his plans for the Nether hub Starting a blaze mindcrsck.


We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Trying to drop an anvil on generikb Looking at the speedy spawn animals and a baby pigman in the Nether Starting to build EthoCorp Laboratories. Collecting all unattended crafting benches and securing them in a vault for the community Moving animals to clear a space at spawn for the death games Setting up the redstone for the death games.

Deciding to build a drag racing arena with an accurate stopwatch to time horse speeds Horsing around with BdoubleO Extricating himself from a tricky caving situation Starting to build the track Breeding his horse with BdoubleO’s. Episode with Arkas. Explicit Episode 44 – Guest Nebris. Explicit Episode 75 with Sevadus. Playa Episode 76 with Millbee.

See Slaying the WitherBdoubleO, generikb. Episode 99 with SethBling.

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The Mindcrack Podcast is a discussion between members of the MindCrack server covering a wide variety of topics. Explicit Episode with Mhykol. Episode with Arkas and Avidya. Mindcrack Season 4 Montage:

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