You are really amazing!!! Sign in Already have an account? I also love this series, it was one of the best series. I wonder what the “trump card” is He immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion, namely that Dong Yi would then have all the power and would come after him. BY then it would be very intresting!

By Newsie Started 9 minutes ago. Scream my name just to this miracle. Oh Yeon Seo Main Cast. This was one of the most consistently enjoyable of all the sageuk serials produced over the last ten years. In their first serious meeting, Dong Yi warns her she will not get very far unless she quickly learns to distinguish truth from the more pervasive lies. I think if 70 eps, it is really dragging, how long more would it be till JHB’s death

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Choi Ran Supporting Cast. Having said she will never apologise, she sees the only one left standing is the only one who might be able to protect goodrdama Crown Prince. So Hee-Bin sees nothing wrong in trying to kill Dong Yi.

While watching, I was laughing at the absurdity of adults and politics.

As for the dream sequence — It supposedly happened folklore but it was Choi Sukbin who played the most instrumental role in the voodoo doll discovery in real life. Overall, this is one of the best of the Korean drama series. There are moments of sentimentality but it has a feel-good quality about it that celebrates the spirit of the show.


Jung Sun Il Gooddtama Cast. Dong Yi — the minor characters. As it is, there are hundreds of thousands of different things to like and dislike.

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Sign In Sign Up. I’ve noticed there is one actor appeared briefly in many episodes but in different roles. Kim Hye Jin Supporting Cast. What dramafreak said won’t be dramatized at all. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Of course I liked the king, because he showed affection for her but not a queen because at some time been keen on it, I think because of some murders committed by runner-Hui.

I come from Bosnian and Herzegovina. So, after killing a few guards, he knows the King intends to abdicate.

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Dong Yi — final thoughts. The most extreme right-wingers are not only averse to bending the dony to a commoner, but even baulk at the notion of accepting a half-blood like the young prince.

Scream my name just to this miracle. Indeed, she has no faith Dong Yi can remain uncorrupted by those around her. Ban Min Jung Supporting Cast.

Episode 52

Also, probably this time the cast is a also excellent. Nobody talks like that. But Dong-Yi especially after episode 45 where the cute Prince came into the scene. It seems to be a recruitment campaign goofdrama a few eligible ladies are headhunted into an interview panel with a winner eventually emerging.


Sir, again congratulations for a job well done and hope to see more and more of your writing reviews. He immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion, namely that Dong Yi would then have all the power and would come after him.

TV and anime Tags: Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. As for Inwon, I don’t think we’re going to be that attached to her eoisode we did with Inhyeon,especially when the end is near. When the first son of the king receives a lot to be happy because it is the son of dong yi, where girls can always be trusted.

Oh sorry, I forgot to say something, it is a big fascination for me as well to know an English man like you to be very much into reviewing the eastern cultures.

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