Romance between every pair, Dance with the group and new developments and bonds by new unexpected ones. Finding True Love by born2rock reviews Taani and Sharon are freshers who become best friends on the first day of college. Kriya is touched by his gesture. Kriya asks how is Rey. Dil Dosti Dushmani by Ash. Swayam replies with he is good,has become mature than before. Mr Singhania and Rey spend some time together. But you can always see the cracks.

Hope I can maintain friendship like you do. She thanks him for keeping in touch with her even though she is in New York. This OS is about the way dey meet each other again after sum days. Reyaansh Singhania doesn’t know if love is really worth all the pain and heartbreak it brings. Have a yummy birthday. Kria and Rey meet each other purely by accident but can accident turn into something life long? Swayam says he will have later when Sharon replies its home made and he wont get an opportunity to have it tomorrow as college is starting. Swayam cheers saying its her birthday and no sad talks.

Rey asks Dad are you kidding me when did you engagwment from abroad. Rey and Ranvijay are to get ice-cream when Rey says he will pay. Friends, Sisters, Weirdos 1: Rey and Ranvijay says I scream you scream we all scream Icecream. Kriya asks him is he with everyone.


Hope everytime I mention a song, you plug into it. Annihilating A Mirage by DarkRoseShadow reviews A life changing incident occurs in Kria and Rey’s life and they are drawn to the moment that held their deepest scar. Swayam wishes Kriya on her birthday After that, all hell breaks loose. Swayams says one is not to watch when other eats. Unwanted Charms by ariahera reviews Really bad at summaries.

Ranvijay says he is no problem with dance but they need to be practical. Here’s your dosage of Kria and Reyaansh for the special day.

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Odd Chapters Swaron Version: Follow a journey of self- discoveries, heartbreak, joy, loyalty, betrayals, and trust.

Meanwhile, Sharon tries to talk to Swayam. Story Story Writer Fpisode Community.

Kriya says a lot has changed around her. Ranvijay thinks if dance is his passion then he must make it a carrier. When Swayam throws it goes a little off the center. So this series will consist of disjointed One-Shots, which will each be inspired and written on the songs of this film.

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On Nov 26, Do they feel anything beyond d friendship? Mr Singhania tells Rey that he should start thinking about his future practically and seriously. Swayam thinks why is she not picking up her ejgagement when Kriya picks up. Swayam says he will talk to her later and turns around to find Rey. It’s the continuation after the actual show But will losing her finally cause them to realize that there’s taanj to their uptight GS that they could ever imagine?


Rey and Tani worry

Meri Aarzoo My Desire by wizardsunlimited reviews Can a broken heart be mended? Afterall you have to handle my business.

Kriya knows rey bt rey knows her only by her cals n msgs. Ashiqui Series by ariahera reviews As I have been hearing the songs of Ashiqui 2, I have felt almost connected and insanely inspired by them.

They say time heals all wounds, just like glue can put broken a mirror back together. I originally posted this on another site, but more details are inside Rated: Sharon joins the gang and tells them that she has a game which predicts who will have a girlfriend soon.

Can the damage ever be reversed? Wat wil b deir reaction if he comes to know her?

Just then Swayam gets a reminder on his phone. Like 0 Dislike 0. Which foreign university you want to go.

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