Danni will take on season two without her partner in crime, twin sister Gabi, and will attempt to make a name for herself on her own in the game. Check out […] mikeylatley. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Nancy feels lonely since Camilla is eliminated. Unwillingly, Camilla tries to convince Mehgan to reconsider nominating her for elimination. After elimination, Mehgan and Nancy are heated at the Red Team’s reliance on their alliance and Mehgan plots her revenge. Janelle and Nancy discuss nomination, Janelle unsure who to nominate Nancy tries to convince Janelle to save Camilla.

Retrieved March 26, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Get a first look here! Elease and Mehgan hold the record this season for being put up for elimination the most times being 3 times. Retrieved from ” https: Elease is eliminated from the competition with a unanimous decision. Camilla worries and confides in her secret alliance, Elease who convinces the Red team that Alicia is a threat.

Season Two of ‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’ Premieres Tuesday, January 7 at 8/7c |

The Gold Team with more teammates pick Alicia to sit out. Camilla announces she will not plead her case to Mehgan during a conversation with Nancy. With a strong strategy Mehgan wins against Shelly, and is the winner of the Battle Challenge.

Mehgan worries that Camilla’s relationship with Nancy isn’t genuine. After being lied to her face and being nominated for elimination. Rocky has a conversation with Elease and convinces her that Camilla is more of a threat to her than she thinks and that it would be her best interest to send her home.

Season Two of ‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’ Premieres Tuesday, January 7 at 8/7c

Shelly worries she won’t bfasb, and relies on her Red Team alliance to save her if she’s unable to. Elease and Mehgan hold the record this season for being put up for elimination the most times being 3 times.

Ray J wakes the girls up early to ask them what they want to do with the money. Shelly puts up little effort to win, and goes to cheer on Rocky during the challenge.

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Eager to step up to the plate and prove herself, she knows this is her shot to tame her short fuse and focus all her energy on securing the title. The first event orders the girls to twerk as fast as possible with pedometers on their back, a luggage toss, hurdle jump in heels, stiletto standing, and a money booth. Are you the publisher? Once every barrier is broken, the team that rings the bell first wins the Team Challenge.


Paula was still however nominated. Paula is back to give the deets about her beef with Stephanie and Valetina. Sarah and Camilla win the captain’s challenge. In part two of the reunion hosted by Tanisha Thomas, Nancy and Camilla reminisce over their steamy relationship, Paula pops off over Stephanie and Valentina’s betrayal, and Sarah and Shelly bring the battle to the stage, confronting Alicia on starting things she can’t finish.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Alicia mentions Mehgan for knowing how to “play the game”, and which then Camilla calls out Mehgan for being “weak and fake”. Check out the deets and see the picture below.

Elease is now a target to both teams. Who will make it to the end and who will be left behind? Sarah injures herself causing Mehgan to confront Sarah and the two almost end up in an altercation. During a trip to the club, two guys ask Nancy and Sarah to dance for them and begin to throw money, Rocky begins to collect some of the money thrown on the floor, that causes Nancy to confront Rocky about it.

For the Tug Of WeaveTeam Challenge each team must collect weaves in a one-on-one freestyle tug of war inside a sandpit. The girls arrive to the “Give Me the Money Honey” Captain’s Challenge, each team is instructed to lather up in honey to collect coins and deposit them inside of the piggy bank, the person with the most coins collected wins Team Captain. Once that teammate is released those two must use bolt cutters to create a hole in a chain link fence, to free the third teammate, those three team members would then get a ladder to throw over a wooden wall to free the fourth teammate, the four teammates would then knock the solid concrete wall into pieces using a sledgehammer to free the fifth teammate, those five teammates would then use the battering ram to bust the metal door and free the sixth teammate.


Tension arises with Andrea, as her team feel offended with her actions during the Team Challenge. Returning contestants are in bold. The 3 girls who win the push over challenge, will compete in this challenge.

In the most physically tough Team Challenge yet, two girls are taken away in an ambulance, causing a big twist in the competition. Due to health concerns Shelly decides not to compete in the Captains Challenge, but participate in the Team Challenge to camills her team. Stephanie gets eliminated and after Tiana confronts Elease for being in alliance with the Gold Team.

She is once again returning to the battlefield so she can pay off her student loans and give back to her mom. As the episode begins, Janelle and Mehgan are seen having a conversation about the previous elimination.

Bad Girls Club All […] mikeylatley. Nancy feels lonely since Camilla is eliminated. The final round is called Wrap Up. Rocky’s injury intensifies leaving her fearful that she may be easy prey for opportunistic competitors.

Valentina is sent home with 3 votes. Amy 4 of 6 votes to eliminate. Andrea quits the competition forcing a revote as Paula and Elease being nominees. The gold team feel pressured to win from previous elimination. Camilla bgabs Nancy start to get romantically involved, but others assume Camilla has ulterior motives. For the Captain’s Challenge the girls are assigned a male partner to hang onto while he is harnessed onto a crane held over a harbor testing vw endurance and strength.

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Mehgan decides to put Camilla and Rocky up vz elimination and Ray J introduces “Bad Girls Revenge” which allowed every girl except Mehgan to vote a third girl for elimination. Bad Girls Need Love Too. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Back for More As the episode starts Sarah, Tiana, and Rocky discuss what’s to come and that they will eventually have to vote each other out.

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