At no point does it disappoint. Also, understanding the theses leads to transference and change in consciousness and perceptions of the protagonists. As a novel of ideas this was great. The Wall Street Journal. If you like language and how it evolves, you will like this aspect. The avout even have their own slightly different version of Occam’s Razor, which they call the Steelyard. Much of the history of the math that would be Stephenson’s word for the enclosure these monkish types live in is the history of Western Intellectual thought, but with the names changed to fit this similar but different world from our own.

Virtues like plot momentum, characterization, drama, verisimilitude, and the like are subordinated to exposition. While the attempt to co-mingle theorems with popular entertainment is admirable, Anathem never manages to connect with the reader on an emotional level. While working through this reading list I got married, went on my honeymoon, switched career and became a father. View all 40 comments. Just if you might be interested. View all 16 comments. The main character in “Anathem” is Erasmas, who is a Decenarian, also known as a Tenner, meaning that the gates of his area of the cloister open only once every 10 years.

As I mentioned, there are a lot of philosophical concepts discussed, but much of it is between two or more characters, called ‘dialogs,’ in which the conversation is almost like a battle, with one gaining the upper hand, the other losing.

It does help that he seems to have fixed his previous problems with abrupt endings that plagued some of his earlier books–he supplies us with a dozen-page epilogue that ties up all the loose ends the main plot left hanging–but still, it’s always tough separating from one of these epic novels.

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I am in awe. Rather than focusing on worship wynopsis any god, the inhabitants of this monastery–which is co-ed and does not require celibacy of its gook themselves to studying principles of science and mathematics. Seems fair, and it is well worth the effort.

For example, the first three thousand years of Arbre’s written history are synopsjs exactly like the last three thousand years of our own from ancient Greece to now ; except that in the oldest surviving myth they have, their version of our “Remus and Romulus” tale, theirs supposedly involves a father who near the end of his life professes to having a vision of what he calls a “perfect other world,” then dies before he can explain what exactly he meant.

The influence of Mr Wells lives on.

On the other hand if science-fiction can synopsiw read not as speculation but as a reflection of the author’s views on the present then this is a disturbing book.

And by using an entertaining story as a delivery system, an author can get concepts across to people who would never encounter them otherwise.

He explains that the aliens are experiencing internal conflict between two factions. I thought it could have been interesting for him to use the actual historical figures and teach people things that they might not already know while reading the novel.


All Stephenson does is merely formalize this process, on a planet much like Earth’s but where he can take certain artistic liberties; on Arbre, scientists literally are monks, universities literally monasteries, where specialists literally devote their entire lives to the pursuit of specific knowledge, literally do wear robes and shave their heads and live in cloisters and everything else.

As usual with Stephenson, the characters are so likable, even the annoying ones. Views Read Edit View history. My talent for envisioning things, and spinning yarns in my head, failed me that evening, as if it had gone on vacation. Now, after flirting with historical fiction in his Baroque Trilogy, Stephenson has returned to his roots with a vengeance. Bits and pieces are in isolation really interesting, and I made it through the book easily enough.

But Erasmas is much more interested in where syopsis came from in the first place. I don’t know if there’s higher praise than that for fans of great worldbuilding in sci-fi or fantasy. It may not be his best work.

Because it sacrifices so much for so little gain. I need to sleep, dream, and return to this later. The governments have a strict policy of not allowing the concents naathem own or synopzis technology, and can summon their members for questioning at any time.

The setting is a fictional alternate universe which is described in loving detail, but which is strangely uninteresting, since many features of its culture turn out, upon examination, to be features of our own world given new names.

After about seventy pages, I felt more comfortable with the language, and the book started to flow. Pause for scientific investigation.

Synopssi a digression through various schools of thought the one or the other self-perception error of the reader is biok. And the way Stephenson does this is of course unexpected and magnificent, which is by creating an entire synkpsis planet called Arbre which is almost just like Earth, but different in several basic important ways.

The first follows the path which measures this novel by the volume of its output, the creativity of its universe, the philosophy, physics, math, religion that gets refracted through Stephenson’s intimidating gaze. In the mathic world, there are levels of educated monks.

Also, understanding the theses leads to transference and change in consciousness and perceptions of the protagonists. Refresh and try again. The narrative now parallelizes across multiple variations of the multiple cosmos of Arbre as the avout team boards the ship and ysnopsis out from breathing the alien oxygen.

The reviewer has a point, there is a silliness to some of the common words that Stephenson decides should be changed to kind of nonsensical words, just to show that this is a world that is like ours aathem not ours. Stephenson also invented many words to express slightly unique concepts or to frame well known concepts in slightly different language. It was only when the action started that I got bored with the book. Not only has this seminal masterwork of fiction withstood a second read with flying colors, but it continues to define and defy both Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction categories.


Anathem by Neal Stephenson

Just once I’d like some legends introduced into a story that don’t turn out to be factual and central to the plot. The book received a good deal of high praise from reviewers for being “philosophical,” for challenging the reader to engage with big ideas.

Erasmas becomes aware of the content of Orolo’s research after Orolo is banished in a rite called Anathem from the Mathic World for his possession and use of proscribed technology within the concent. Not for casual reading, but fans of sci fi, physics or alternate world sunopsis should give it a try. View all 35 comments. Anathemin anatehm, includes a lot of exchanges that sound, self-consciously, like philosophical dialogues.

Still, some of the best lines of the story occur here, if you’ll pardon the minor spoilers: During the discussions between Orolo and Erasmas, a small spacecraft lands in Orithena, on the very site of the ancient Mathic world’s Analemma, which is visible from space.

Dare I say it was a page turner? I have a feeling most readers will welcome the parts I didn’t like though, and I can’t imagine he would sell nearly as well if he locked up his novels solely in the realm of history and theory, but when he does stay in that ‘boring’ land he really does an excellent job.

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Thus, the author ends up gaining very little except where it relates to his twist, such as it is and which you can see coming three or four hundred pages away. The third discusses a “complex” Platonic realismin which synoosis realms of Platonic ideal forms called the “Hylaean Theoric Worlds” in the novel exist independently of the physical world called the “Arbran Causal Domain” in the novel. I definitely don’t give away the ending or even the middle in this review. These objects are made with “newmatter” matter made with a modified atomic structure to be more versatileand can be made to alter their shape, texture and other physical properties without the use of tools or other outside technologies.

If not already as physically manifested footnotes in printed editions, so at least in the Ebook as optional fade-in and fade-out hyperlinks for keywords or at the end of each page. Neal Stephenson is obviously bursting with knowledge, and I had to look up the meaning of unknown words more than once.

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