I’ve never seen tosh before, jesus christ. Wolf , Apr 29, BB code is On. Hey the good news is we only have to wait one more year for the full sequence where we get to see the 12 person Centipede in London. Do you already have an account? Daniel Tosh explains the entire plot of Human Centipede Quote: I could give the movie a chance, but it still looks freaky!

Aug 6 8: Besides being weirded out. HecticArt , Apr 27, Wolf , Apr 28, Send a private message to derosnec. It made me laughed a lot though.. Yes, my password is:

Saw this a few weeks back. God i love Tosh.

Login with Facebook Register Lost password? I cast out my parents, left my child, dismissed their love and led a selfish life.

No, create an account now. Nothing like a good gross horror flick! I think the new South Park tonight is spoofing this. Originally Posted by bottomset oh man, I need comedg see the movie now.

Spoiler Alert – “Human Centipede” Uncut

Brad BishopApr 27, Aug 6 Send a private message to derosnec. Just like an insect. CoemdyApr 27, Daniel Tosh explains the entire plot of Human Centipede oh man, I need to see the movie now. Aug 9 6: Find More Posts by tvent Aug 10 1: Yes, my password is: AaronJun 9, The Asian guy is just so stupid.


I’m just a puny insect. It definitely satisfied my curiosity with the film. Just my opinion, but you’re really scraping the bottom of the idea barrel to make this movie.

Spoiler Alert – “Human Centipede” Uncut – Tosh.0 (Video Clip) | Comedy Central

Aug 6 8: The time now is It was a “good” idea, executed terribly. Just sounds like another movie using the old Texas Chainsaw Massacre formula I want to believe that I’m still a human being I don’t think this movie was thought out very well ahead of time. The acting, lighting, camera work and are terrible. Welcome to the Newschoolers forums! WolfApr 27, Send a private message to Sober.

Find More Posts by BurningSquirrel. JHDKApr 29, Daniel Tosh explains the entire plot of Human Centipede. MMJun 9, JHDKJun 9, It made me laughed a lot though. Daniel Tosh explains the entire plot of Human Centipede Pretty bad movie.

Anyone watch Tosh’s full 25 minute spoiler alert of the Human Centapede?

I mean at least have the girl in the middle die too, or tell us what happens to her. Aug 6 2: Poker Players – Streaming Live Online. The Wisconsin line would have been funnier if I hadn’t already heard it in Stripes.


Then the part with the Russian guy was dumb as well and was just as necessary as the first guy. Aug 9 7:

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