They both say outright that they have experience in love so I feel like they could work together. Can Someone Trade With Me? Gift-wrap for extra brownie points if you can. Photo s – Show us a photo of your progress! His favorite meal is fairly easily bought and made — just be sure to keep a lot of tomatoes around to get it. Filter by post type All posts. Klaus is totally a sadist

Does he really imply that Fritz is ugly? I was going to marry Klaus but at yellow flower he chastised me about my clothes and it reminded me of the Harvest King from AP calling me and imbecile for bringing him his darn cocktail during a blizzard. The easiest loved-level gift to give to Mistel is White Pearl. You hear Fritz shouting to hurry up, and suddenly he and Iris run by. Please state which region you are in your post or assign the correct Farm Tour [Region] flair. I found that so irritating about Soseki in ANB that I ended up going with someone less attractive just so I could avoid listening to that annoying “I’m so old” dialogue. It just seems like a really good match up. Filter by post type All posts.

People will surely lend a hand!

Don’t forget to bring the souvenirs! I’ve seen all of Mistel’s flower events now, and I have to say, he’s adorable.

Record Breaker Currently Playing: Damn it all, I only have the 1-story house still. Gamefaq is usually like being back in school. I could see how that would mlstel his personality tho and like you said he could fear losing the mc so he might act a bit more possessive because of that. Most recent Most popular Most recent.


The moment you start dating him, he starts talking about you being his, and throughout pretty much the whole relationship he jokes? Does he really imply that Fritz is ugly? His favorite meal is fairly easily bought and made — just be sure to keep a lot of tomatoes around to get it.

Elise x Fritz – he’s childish and she would keep him in line xD. Mistel has to return to his cleaning, and so thanks you for visiting him. I admittedly can’t see him with anyone except the farmer, if you go that route Viola — easy hearts raising!

MistelxAgate because they’re almost always together on my file, at least when Agate isn’t out in the field like I am. I’ll admit, he was only “okay” at the beginning, but once he got to the purple flower event, I knew that he would be the guy to marry: I’m shocked people in gamefaq aren’t hating. Or maybe Raeger just felt uncomfortable with it? He atory me for too much of Neil and I just wanted to kick him sometimes.

Yep, you guessed correctly! Both are possible I know you have to meet the sprites and mini harvest goddess, and for Mistel specifically you have to befriend Iris and some seaeons people.

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. That, or I’m really stupid. I can see them connecting over a shared love of plants flowers or something.

Plus her name is freaking Lillie and Kamil loves flowers. ScarletAshten ScarletAshten 3 years ago 1 I want to marry Mistel, but the marriage requirements seem a bit confusing.


Welcome to Story of Seasons!

Inside the shop, Mistel explains that he has been cleaning the shelves. Klaus never stops talking about being old really. I was torn between Klaus and Raeger and that pretty much seals the deal in favour of Raeger. You become embarrassed, which Misetl takes amusement in, and he wonders what else he can say to get you to blush.

Mistel | Bachelor | A Story of Seasons Help Guide

Marian goes back to work, and you start to head out with Mistel. He mentions it at least once a heart event, and I’ve seen sewsons the heart events. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Mistel’s parents die when he was young? Spoiler Tags Spoiler tags have been ,arriage Her heart was in the right place. I think she meant that as a compliment on Fritz’s friendly personality homely farm, sure, but it’s definitely cared for with lovebut it could also be seen as an insult since other characters Marian and Giorgio call him and his farm homely.

It just seems like a really good off up. Corlesslover30 Corlesslover30 3 years ago 1 The hate for mistel is big, seriously most of it’s getting overblown.

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