If I have done your master good, let him thank me for it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Duke of Norfolk , a cousin of Queen Elizabeth’s and the wealthiest landowner in the country, had been proposed as a possible husband for Mary since her imprisonment in On the 29th he was taken from his cell before five in the morning and brought before Burghley who gave him an unmistakeable ultimatum. Ridolfi was abroad when the plot was uncovered and escaped this fate. This suited Norfolk, who had ambitions and felt Elizabeth persistently undervalued him. I also quoted his trenchant observation on the implications of the Ridolfi plot here. Cobham was relentless in conversation, attempting to force indiscretions, teasing out half-truths, sowing uncertainty, spinning out ideas, possibilities, information, angles with reckless, ruthless profligacy.

Elizabeth ordered him to return to court. Mary consented to the marriage in June The intoxicating necessity of ready money trumped faith and loyalty for many of those who hovered on the periphery of great matters of state, trusting doubtfully to wit, charm and fortune to save them from the contradictions of their position. Norfolk was allowed to return to his London home in the Charterhouse under house arrest, having already sworn to Elizabeth that:. King Philip II , who welcomed Ridolfi to court and, with the council, discussed the plot’s pros and cons. Parry was arrested for treason and hanged at Westminster.

By the end of the year, he too was free. She was aware that many English Catholics wanted to depose her.

Leslieunder the threat of torture, lay all the blame on Mary and Norfolk. This presentation also implicated Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester who, despite his ambitions, was a faithful courtier and favorite to Elizabeth throughout his life. Ross used him as a source of intelligence, too, particularly regarding the court, and — as the government discovered in October — as a means to deliver money and letters.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Parry was arrested for treason and hanged at Treat. Guerau de Spesthe Spanish ambassador, was expelled from the country in January Notify me of new posts via email. The story of Elizabethan and Stuart theatre, then, is surprisingly analogous to the wider […]. The conspirators ridplfi led by Roberto Ridolfia Florentine banker ricolfi in London, who, posing as an international banker, was able to plkt between Brussels, Rome and Madrid without attracting too much suspicion.

Elizabeth herself heard the rumours around the same time and gently confronted Howard. We are still not without suspicion that the whole thing may have been an invention of hers, with this very object. By now Norfolk gidolfi clearly learned to dislike and distrust Cobham, yet seemed characteristically unable to shake him. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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The Ridolfi plot

On 7 September, the queen’s warrant for conveying him to the Tower of London arrived. Pius was not only aware of the plot but gave his written approval in a letter for Ridolfi to take to Philip II. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Indeed the Throckmorton family as a whole seems to have been argumentative, slippery, fractious, exhibiting a taste for subterfuge that was not matched by their talent for it. Similar to the Ridolfi plot, the Throckmorton plot planned the murder of Elizabeth and her replacement with Mary.

Ridolfi called for Spain to intervene with troops to support the marriage and put Mary on the throne.

Ridolfi plot – Wikipedia

He was executed on Tower Hill on 2 June An altered and fictionalised version of the Ridolfi Plot was threst in the film Elizabethstarring Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth.


He and Sir Henry Neville were to confine Norfolk to his chamber and seclude him from his serving staff.

His army was to invade England and make its way to London to establish Mary on the throne, while either detaining or assassinating Elizabeth I.

A later report has her joining a group discussing a portrait of Elizabeth. This page was last edited on 10 Januaryat Browne grew suspicious of the bag’s weight, opened it, and discovered pounds in gold from the French ambassador, destined for Scotland on Mary’s behalf, and ciphered letters. Was it a good likeness of the queen of England?

It was no surprise to anyone, least of all Norfolk, that Cobham walked away from the debt leaving Norfolk himself to surrender the sum owed.

The plan was to land at either Harwich or Portsmouthbut Ridolfi apparently did not know exactly where Harwich was. Thomas Cobham had no such favours to fall back on.

If they keep her as if in prison, it will probably scandalise all neighbouring princes, and if she remain free and able to communicate with her friends, great suspicions will be aroused. Unaware of his servants’ confessions or the survival of letters which, contrary to his instructions, had not been burnt, he denied the charges against him. Thereupon, the duke admitted a degree of involvement in the transmission of money and correspondence to Mary’s Scottish supporters.

Cobham may have known by then that Norfolk had already entertained secret visits at Howard House from Roberto Ridolfi, a Florentine banker in London.

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