Dive buddies have independently come to the same conclusion, that is, the fish have all been killed by mainly spearfishermen with scuba tanks, witnessed this form of “sport” a few times while diving. We drove to a location on the edge of the sea and entered from the shore. However, international tourism has ceased after the Kingdom withdrew tourist visas. We did go to Yanbu north of Jeddah about four hours. We dove there by the I think 3 Palms near the Kings palace. Try to visit our site via another browser or refresh your page. Divers arrive at the screw of the wreck with plenty of bottom time to see the resident moray eel and other aquatic life around the ship.

There were always folks from Jeddah who drove 3 hrs each way every weekend to dive in Yanbu. Outstanding value for money. We would grab some tanks at a dive shop in Jeddah. I took all the land shots. The above entry was from the first Familiarisation Trip made by the European Tour Agents and is typical of what may be expected when visiting this wreck. In addition, our entry-level pass, the Zooff, gives access to 3 shows in advance and 1 free show per day. However, if you made a mistake while selecting a show, or if 2 selected shows come into conflict, contact us immediately at or info zoofest. The north and south end taper in and down to the depths below with current varying in speed generally from the north, although no current, or currents from the south, are not uncommon.

I envy all these young people their adventures. When you are connected to your space, you simply have to press the desired shows and they will automatically register. After purchasing your pass, you will receive a confirmation email and an email with your pass number and Jael.

The tickets reserved with comfdy pass are exclusively usable by the jamell holder. The Staphonos Wreck lays on it port side and is the most intact wreck in the area, and it is well known to have the some of the best visibility as well. One of the best dives in Saudi Arabia. Lots of coral and plenty of fish. You can penetrations into the galley and electrical room were made and as the seas were calm, the whole wreck was surveyed by the divers from bow to stern.


If you wish to attend a show with friends, make sure your friends also have their pass, and then book each ticket in your booking area. You must go to www.

Produits – Kings of Comedy Club

The price about a quarter of a shore dive in Europe. There are steel beams, corrugated sheets of asbestos and chain link fence in the cargo holds as well. You will also assisger a confirmation email for each of your bookings.

It is easy to see why this is the most popular dive offered in Jeddah.

Best Dives in Saudi Arabia: Jeddah, Yanbu and the South – SCUBA Travel

You must contact us by email at info zoofest. Why is the selection no longer unlimited as it was a few years ago? The ambient light from above naturally lights the cargo holds so the divers can swim through without lights, and even the bridge is accessible if you are careful. So we went with some other divers we knew. There are Nudibranchs, Starfish, spotted Hawkfish, Gobies, Feather and Basket Stars all of which are either attached to or semi-hidden in the coral ready to pose.

According to our policies, no exchange is accepted. Saudi Arabia Dive Operators. Found an operator who had aesister day boat running on the weekends. Tough wading out to the reef but it has to be some of the best diving I have experienced poud believe me I have dived all over the world since then, including the Galapagos Islands! The opening time of the doors of each show is indicated on each ticket.


Where and when can I pick up my pass? Difficult to blame them as they get paid so little its one way of supplementing your weekly wage.

Fatsah Bouyahmed

The inventory is however limited, so be sure to regularly check the shows that are available to you. Colors so vibrant and fish so plentiful.

Clmedy you have not received your e-tickets as a result of a purchase, first check that they are not in your “unwanted e-mails” or filtered in the “specials” section of your e-mail.

The north and south end taper in and down to the depths below with current varying in speed generally from the north, although no current, or currents from the south, are not uncommon. We were able to see amazing fish and colorful coral. The area where we dove most was a stretch of deserted highway south of the city. There is always a large school of Goat fish and Blue Striped Snapper hanging out at the mast assoster.

It was the most beautiful, untouched reefs I think I ever saw. In the confirmation email, you will find the bar code of your pass, which you can present at the entrance of the room. By circumventing the bow, the diver will swim into a crevice in the reef and find himself in a tunnel leading through the coral to and open pool that is 15 feet deep. There are a series of caves that penetrate the shallows of the reef in four directions, each offering bizarre coral formations and a laser show of light through dlub small openings from above.

It is often it is dived twice in a 21 dive package.

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