Please check page 2 also in that link for more episodes. Anonymous February 26, at 3: There is really no such need. They are readily available on the net youtube. I think they should stop this serial now. I have referred your site to so many of y friends in the US. Dear Shridhar, It was nice speaking with you after a very long time.

Anyhow may Sri Maha Periyaval Bless you in the enterprise when you come over here. It is Perivaya Blessing on the same!!! So far they have already shot 19 episodes and we need to stop this soon…. Is it true that there is a disclaimer? I appreciate you for this from the bottom of my heart. I am trying to search it online since two months of no use. Sairam thanks for your concern and I am very happy because I searched it for the past two years now only I get it and I can’t express my happiness in words thank you so much sir jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara. Off late, even winners of the Airtel Super Singer has been either Christian or Muslim performer in recent times.

The person who potrays as mahaperiya is beyond words. Vijay TV should understand this. Many imaginary incidents I think. Best wishes to the entire team and crew. Is the Program time to be rescheduled? Gr8 piece of work.


I hope a similar mis-information campaign does not occur from the powerful and widely watched media outlets such as Vijay TV. Only we should make the efforts to realise His Brilliance and Omnipresence.

Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum episodes in one place!

In fact Bala Periyava himself was willing to go through the final script once made ready and offered to correct wherever necessary and give additional info from the Mutt and access to Mutt records. Panchanathan Suresh May 30, at 5: I appreciate adisayangalum for this from the bottom of my heart. We may have to get a signature campaign and elicit help from persons like Sri Subramanian Swamy to abort the show? Off late, mahaangalu winners of the Airtel Super Singer has been either Christian or Muslim performer in recent times.

Shankara!: Mahangalum Adhisiyangalum Vijay TV Episodes

I would love to read about this actor. I wanted to share my thoughts to the list keeper. Kanchi Mahaperiyavavideo. Seeing Mahaperiyava in the serials makes us very happy to feel his presence with ananda tears in our eyes.

The consequence adhisayanyalum that people will be misled. I see that they want to dramatize the show for a serial, which should be OK. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

They should also take more care adhsiayangalum choosing the right cast, at least for the main characters of the show. It is very much disturbing to see a lot of indifferences within 10episodes.


Thanks for the videos. The voice is so soothing.

Any way this is a great attempt to project and help many of us to understand the greatness of Our Maha Periyava through this visual media. I would thank all once again. However, i request and appreciate those who want to go and give suggestion about our nithya karma with Panchtha Udarni, Parisheshanam, our Prayer vedaPooja etc. Panchanathan Suresh June 25, at Panchanathan Suresh March 14, at 4: We were able to watch if we missed it the previous day.

Wanted to help you all by putting all the links here! The language delivery of Swaminathan as a school boy leaves much to be desired. K R Sankaran February 27, at 6: Venky March 18, at As examples, young Swaminathan performs namaskaram to the 66th Peedathipathi like a woman, the 66th Peedathipathi himself is shown doing pooja to Lord Nataraja standing the left of the deity.

Panchanathan Suresh February 24, at 7:

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