Akira Ishida as Shinichi Ukon eps Kaneto Shiozawa as Kyouji Sayama. This salacious yuri melodrama is anything but Class S. How will Kindaichi solve this case? How will this situation happen in the next? Kadowaki and Kurasawa are found dead.

Toei Animation English staff English companies none Broadcaster: Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Hajime solves the mystery and reveals the identity of the ghost captain, along with how the sinking of the Oriental is linked to the incidents. There was a case in the Shuo High School when Superintendent Akechi was still in his senior high school study. Mayumi Tanaka as Yayoi Muranishi eps Upon arriving at the Renkin Island, they learn a terrible fact that there is an alchemist hiding somewhere in the mansion.

Koganei gets surprised and tries to escape from the mansion, but kindaicni poisoned by the roses. They are to find a key and are to do it without acting like barbarians. In real life, he is just an ordinary high school student but, when a crime takes place, he uses his inherited talents to solve each case brilliantly. Katsunosuke Hori as Tetsuo Tsuzuki eps The murder count rises with the 6 of another body.

One of the college students disappears mysteriously when Hajime, Miyuki and Tsukimizato go to her cottage. The high school student Hajime Kindaichi is invited by the Mystery Research Team leader, Ruiko Sakuragi to help englieh have the seventh riddle solved.

Takumi Yamazaki as Makoto. Kindaichi and a revived Akechi both solve the continuous case from their reasoning. Bruno Bulte as Isamu Kenmochi.


Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo episodes (Anime TV – )

Akechi has planned a detective game for Fi,es. Hajime finds that Fuyumi and Ayahana are also killed in the same way of the culture.

The killer who murdered the three mates is revealed. The key evidence is captured on film. What should we add next? Yayoi Nakazawa as Tatsuko Aoyama. Kaori Yamazou as Nagisa Tatsumi.

He tells Miyuki about a murder case happened on a wet day ten years ago when he came to a cottage. The first victim is Tadaharu Jinmei, he is found killed inside the bathtub. Best of Last Aired Anime Rank 1.

Hajime is playing a go chess game in the police headquarters and this makes Akechi remind something happened in Las Vegas in the filea. Rei Igarashi as Kazuko Takazawa.

AB 1 Mangas NT1. Unluckily, Rin, who had told that Marika is killed, is again found dead in her house with after being stabbed by the killer. Nintendo might be resurrecting a long-dead game – plus some fighting game news straight out of EVO Japan, Steins;Gate and more! Views Features Reviews Columns. His mate, Patricia O’Brian, was also there. Miyuki Nanase is Suspected of Murder” Transcription: Drop image files here or click to upload. A valuable collection of first edition Sherlock Holmes novels gets stolen as the mystery club is busy preparing for their school festival exhibit.

Hajime and Miyuki get lost while skiing, fortunately they find a cottage in the snow.

Kindaichi episode 64 eng sub

Kindaichi suspects this is a suicide rather than a homicide. Angel Manga Heads Toward Climax Ransom That Vanishes in Snow” Transcription: Zankyou no Terror 8. Shinichi Fukumitsu Key Animation: They meet up with a group of armed students in camouflages while searching for the environment. Do not post links to copyrighted engpish content TV Episodes, Movies.


They go to a hotel that holds the model show later where they mindaichi a murder happened on the banquet hall. The murderer claims that the three clowns are revealed to be the real culprits who eliminated his father and also made his mother fall to her death.

Ran is discovered hurt and sent to hospital. Akechi had taken part in a classical band ten years ago, and he played episdoe the violinist.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikeno (Kindaichi Case Files) English Subs

Skip to content If you want to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! The deceased is actually Shimomura Shiho, who has millions of money.

Tensai-tachi no Ren’ai Zunousen. File 4 Episode Hiromi Ishikawa as Chris. Patricia is found poisioned in her cottage. Masami Kikuchi as Takashi Senge. The art club student who went missing is discovered dead, but everyone who went exploring with him has a perfect alibi. One of the college students tells a story about the ghost, Hanako.

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