Persiapan Dasar Intubasi Sulit – Laringoskop berbagai ukuran – ETT berbagai ukuran – Introducer (stylet, elastic bougie) – Oral dan nasal. Detection of ETT malposition in a timely fashion is crucial in both elective and auskultasi untuk membedakan antara intubasi endotrakea dan endobronkial. Intubasi endotrakea adalah salah satu prosedur penting dan umum pita suara, sedangkan ujung distal ETT berada pada cm dari carina.

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Advances in Neonatal Care.

Video laryngoscopes are specialized fiberoptic laryngoscopes that use a digital video camera sensor to allow the operator to view the glottis and larynx on a video monitor. British Journal of Children’s Diseases.

Ideally, at least one of the methods utilized for confirming tracheal intibasi placement will be a intugasi instrument. In newborns free dtt oxygen used to be recommended during intubation however as there is no evidence of benefit the NRP guidelines no longer do.

More serious complications include laryngospasmperforation of the trachea or esophaguspulmonary aspiration of gastric contents or other foreign bodies, fracture or dislocation of the cervical spine, temporomandibular joint or arytenoid cartilagesdecreased oxygen content, intubwsi arterial carbon dioxideand vocal cord weakness.

Such devices include the laryngeal mask airway, cuffed oropharyngeal airway and the esophageal-tracheal combitube Combitube. With a properly positioned tracheal tube, equal bilateral breath sounds will be heard upon listening to the chest with a stethoscope, and no sound upon listening to the area over the stomach.

They are much more flexible than polyvinyl chloride tubes, yet they are difficult to compress or kink.

Nasotracheal dtt carries a risk of dislodgement of adenoids and nasal bleeding. Salt Lake City, Utah: In his landmark book published inDe humani corporis fabricahe described an experiment in which he passed a reed into the trachea of a dying animal whose thorax had been opened and maintained ventilation by blowing into the reed intermittently.

Tracheal intubation – Wikipedia

Also at that time, advances in endoscopic instrumentation had improved to such a degree that direct laryngoscopy had become a viable means to secure the airway by the non-surgical orotracheal route. Even for longer duration or more invasive procedures, a general anesthetic may be administered without intubating the trachea, provided that patients are carefully selected, and the risk-benefit ratio is favorable i. Single-lung ventilation allowing the lung on the operative side to collapse can be useful during thoracic surgeryas it can facilitate the surgeon’s view and access to other relevant structures within the thoracic cavity.


This device is designed to allow the laryngoscopist to directly view the larynx. Although it is not the only means to maintain a patent airway during general anesthesia, intubation of the trachea provides the most reliable means of oxygenation and ventilation [1] and the greatest degree of protection against regurgitation and pulmonary aspiration.

Views Read Edit View history. Therefore, it is suggested that the endotracheal tube cuff pressure must be kept within the optimal range using a standard manometer. Hemodynamics Hypotension Level of consciousness Acid—base imbalance Water-electrolyte imbalance.

intubasu Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand. There are a number of different types of double-lumen endo-bronchial tubes that have endobronchial as well as endotracheal channels Carlens, White and Robertshaw tubes.

Canadian Medical Association Journal. It can also be associated with potentially fatal complications such as pulmonary intuasi of stomach contents which can result in a severe and sometimes fatal chemical aspiration pneumonitisor unrecognized intubation of the esophagus which can lead to potentially fatal anoxia.

Endotracheal tube and respiratory carepp. Separation of the two lungspp. Four anatomic stt must be present for orotracheal intubation to be straightforward: It has been used in airway surgery as an alternative to tracheal intubation. In the acute setting, indications for tracheotomy are similar to those for cricothyrotomy. These are typically of short duration, such as sore throat, lacerations of the lips or gums or other structures within the upper airway, chipped, fractured or dislodged teeth, and nasal injury.

Surgical airwaypp. A tracheal tube is a catheter that is inserted into the trachea for the primary purpose of establishing and maintaining a patent open and unobstructed airway. InPhiladelphia laryngologist Chevalier Jackson — described a technique for tracheotomy that is used to this day.

They may also be used as a route for administration of certain medications such as bronchodilatorsinhaled corticosteroidsand drugs used in treating cardiac arrest such as atropineepinephrinelidocaine and vasopressin.


Most endotracheal tubes have an inflatable cuff to seal the tracheobronchial tree against leakage of respiratory gases and pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents, blood, secretions and other ert. As with adults, there are a number of devices specially designed for assistance with difficult tracheal intubation in children. However, because only a minority of patients survived the operation, physicians undertook tracheotomy only as a last resort, on patients who were nearly dead.

Metode palpasi pada pilot balon, teknik melepas spuit secara pasif, endotracheal tube.

Jurnal Keperawatan Soedirman

Airway management can be classified into closed or intubaei techniques depending on the system of ventilation used. This can make them useful for situations in which the trachea is anticipated to remain intubated for a prolonged duration, or if the neck is to remain flexed during surgery. Percutaneous dilational cricothyrotomy and tracheostomypp. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Intubation.

Galen on Anatomical Intubbasi The patient with a full stomachpp. Archived from the original on If this situation is not immediately identified and corrected, death will ensue from cerebral and cardiac anoxia.

The vast majority of tracheal intubations involve the use of a viewing instrument of one type or another. General anesthetic agentsopioidsand neuromuscular-blocking drugs may diminish or even abolish the respiratory drive.

In the French surgeon Nicholas Habicot — published a report of four successful tracheotomies. A bicentenary reflection” PDF. Perhaps the most common indication for tracheal intubation is for the placement of a conduit through which nitrous oxide or volatile anesthetics may be administered. Other methods relying on instruments include the use of a colorimetric end-tidal carbon dioxide detector, a self-inflating esophageal bulb, or an esophageal detection device. Spontaneous ventilation has been traditionally performed with an inhalational agent i.

Sir Robert Reynolds Macintosh — introduced a curved laryngoscope blade in ; [] the Macintosh blade remains to this day the most widely used laryngoscope blade for orotracheal intubation.