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Applying for permanent residence from within Canada: Spouse or common-law partner in Canada class (IMM ) Table of Contents Overview Before you. The language is confusing in IMM This application is for spouses or common-law partners of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. /12/16Guide Sponsor your spouse, commonlaw partner, conjugal partner or conjugal partner or dependent child Complete Guide (IMM ) Table.

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This is especially true if they need a visitor visa. If you have an authorized paid representative, they can link your application to their own online account instead. An annulment can also be a declaration by the Catholic Church that the marriage union did not have a binding force. Your obligations as a sponsor start as soon as the undertaking is in effect.

Check with your local authorities. If the form is not signed and dated per these instructions, it will not be accepted and your applications will be returned to you without being processed. For legal information, see the: Using online services will ensure that you receive any correspondence including medical forms and other requests from us almost immediately after we send it to you.

If you do not consent, your application will still be processed and this will not have a negative impact. The sponsor fills out this section. Find out how to sponsor someone if you live in Quebec. This inm yourself and any family membersregardless of whether they intend to accompany you to Canada or not.


If you have problems viewing or validating your forms, please see these Help Centre questions: Question 1 Check the appropriate box to indicate if you have a valid identity document. This is not a legal document. You should be able to prepare your application package by following the steps in this guide and referring to instructions on your checklist.

Learn about what it’s like to live in Canada and which resources are available to you to help you settle here. We refer to your fingerprints and photo as biometrics. Do not include this extra fee with the sponsorship application you submit to IRCC. The following may delay processing: After you validate the forms to generate 55289, print the form.

Sponsoring your spouse, partner or dependent child

Leave this section blank. The person being sponsored should send copies of the new passport or travel document to the office processing 589 application. I can’t find what I’m looking for. If you need information about how to repay the money owed, contact the provincial office listed below. Children who meet the definition of a dependent child but who are not immigrating to Canada along with the principal applicant.

Guide – Basic guide: Sponsor your spouse, partner or child –

Find out what happens from when you iimm your application to when you get to Canada and where biometrics fits in the process. Regardless of who you are sponsoring: This is not a legal document. Application to sponsor and undertaking. If not, the application will be returned see section 10 of the IRPR for more information.


You should do the following:.

If the person being sponsored lives in Canada, select Canada. The person being sponsored must sign and date in this box. Until this becomes available, you may request a supporting document, free of charge that will state that your sex is unspecified.

Leave the following sections blank: In most cases, there is no low-income-cut-off LICO for spouse, partner or dependent child sponsorships.

Guide 5525 – Basic guide: Sponsor your spouse, partner or child

The sponsored person should not fill out the forms in this guide until they have their record suspension. Unless stated in your checklist, you must attach the following for any documents that are not in English or French: If you are sponsoring one or more dependent child ren as the principal applicant syou must submit a complete set of application forms and documents for each child.

An officer will review this explanation and advise you of any next steps.