A young man’s peculiar upbringing renders him unable to competently cope with the struggle of growing up. Nick Wyman as Suit. In many ways I’m still very much like the leads from both wroks and can relate to them, despite being a bit older and having a more mature take on the world than I used to. Igby fears he will eventually suffer a mental breakdown like his father. While Igby’s economics-studying Columbia-attending older brother Ollie Slocum has embraced and aspires to continue their wealthy life, Igby has rebelled against it, considering his brother a fascist although he could soften that label to Republican. And his older brother, Oliver, is a shark-like young Republican on the fast track to materialism at Columbia University. The cause of our trouble was our inability to come up with a drug short of paint thinner, that would be at least somewhat novel to her system. Cynthia Nixon as Mrs.

Igby’s and his preppy brother Oliver Ryan Phillippe have nothing but contempt for their mother. His darkly comedic voyage eventually leads to New York, where he hides out at his godfather’s weekend pied-a-terre. Claire Danes is terrific as Sookie, and Amanda Peet is really good as Rachel, and I’m jealous that Culkin his character, rather got to hook up with both of them. Eventually, he and Rachel have sex. Jun 11, Full Review…. It is both droll and grim, often handsome and tasteful with its cinematography and production values. Igby is informed by Russell that his mother Mimi is dying from breast cancer and so he returns to see her. In its own floundering way, it gets to you.

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Igby Goes Down Movie Review Summary

It asks us to care about a young man whose only apparent virtue is that he is not quite as unpleasant as some of the people in his life. In order fown get him to take responsibility for his actions, his family would call him Igby whenever he lied.


Bill Irwin as Lt. Oct 10, Rating: Why couldn’t she have been a fucking smoker. Erin Fritch as Hockey Player.

Igby Goes Down

When Igby has just been kicked out – again – of his latest prep school, he is sent to a military academy by his mother, but he swipes her credit card and absconds to an airport hotel in the Midwest. Balancing its frequently absurd humour with poignant observations of that time in life when you’re not sure exactly what it is you’re rebelling against, Igby Goes Down is an offbeat winner.

His brother ultimately intervenes, and his mother, but Igby only flees them time and again, trying to run from his mother’s bitter tirades, his brother’s conservative and mature musings on his state, and his informal family crumbling before his eyes.

And there is Sookie Sapperstein Claire Danesa waitress at the party and couple of years older college student, with whom Igby falls in love. As such, Mimi and D.

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In its own floundering way, it gets to you. Igby is largely able to hide out for most of the summer with the help of Rachel, D.

She’s taking her fucking afternoon nap. It was given a limited theatrical release through United Artists on September 13, in the United States, and received generally positive reviews from critics. Conner Rainwater Super Reviewer. For those of you who care or insist on a synopsis, the film concerns one Igby Slocumb Kieran Culkina wiser-than-wise young man who hates his mother played by Susan Sarandon, in a career low performancemanages to get ibgy out of several elite schools, and rails against a world that drove his father Bill Pullman to an asylum.


Every one of the actor’s put in great performances. His father, Jason, is away “recuperating from life” after a sad slide into schizophrenia.

His older brother Ollie is the type of well to do college guy with nothign but success in his future.

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Igby Slocumb Kieran Goea rebellious and sarcastic seventeen-year-old boy, igy at war with the stifling world of “old money” privilege he was born in to. A film to see if you haven’t. Unless you are making a sci-fi epic or declare your world as having no connection to a recognizable section of Earth, you are required to present characters and situations that have, at minimum, a remote chance of eliciting audience connection. Let me come out swinging: While working construction for D.

Trivia Kieran Culkin was actually drinking white grape juice at the Hampton’s party. Will Golden Globes reward her?

Baines, wonderfully ggoes by Jeff Goldblum, who almost seems to play himself. Luckily, a luscious and wry Bennington dropout named Sookie Danes takes a shine to our hero.

His father is schizophrenic and currently resides in an institution. First-time director Burr Steers, who also scripted, filled this one with some very smart, observative and acidic dialog, and Kiera Culkin shows he can carry a film with a very good performance. Cynthia Nixon as Mrs.

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