On their way home from school, Lil’Pri runs into their classmate, Natsume Mahiru, and her little sister, Manatsu. Ringo and Natsuki get into a fight over helping a middle school boy confess his feelings to his classmate. But suddenly, Ryoku cries out with everybody turning around, seeing a young boy waving Ryoku around by his tail. Chris then appears and delivers them a message from Wish, wanting them to appear on his show once again. Views Read Edit View history. But the truth is revealed, the girl is actually a liar like her father. Leila invites Ringo and Natsuki to a release party at Crystal Shoes, the company whom her father works for. Ike Ike Hyuuma Kyojin no Hoshi:

However, because the witch has come to the human world, many odd things are happening around Fairyland, which is a sign that Fairyland will disappear. Sage of the Pyramid Watching her seven brothers and Sei, she skates full speed. But when her septuplet little brothers, try to get her attention, Ringo soon realizes that being a parent is tough. However, the entire class is in a state of unease due to her constant nagging and strictness, which earns her the nickname “Nag-iko”. It attaches itself to Natsuki, who hates lies. So, the girls decide to watch a popular kids’s show called “Tobiuo Man” at Ringo’s house.

Meanwhile, Dai disappeared for more food when Leila checks out the squirrel show. It was also adapted into two manga series by Mai Jinna. The four girls try different methods to get his autograph, but all fails.

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As they chase after it whose name is later revealed to be “Swan”they spot a depressed Karen watching the swans. The characters from Fairy Land become greatly panicked as things get even worse for the human world. Thinking that they need to get to the queen as soon as possible, they start to head for Fairy Land when a giant tear opens in the sky and the queen’s castle comes falling through it.


Natsuki rushes to save Ryoku, but the boy refuses. Atsui says that it fits his bride perfectly. When the Ma-Pets lose their memories, they have to recover them before Lil’Pri’s joint concert with Wish begins. However, when they stop help Roo otogu the garden, their new song is discovered. Chris says that he came from Fairyland, and that he will help Lilpri gather Happiness Tones.

After Ringo gets back, she idil asks her father to participate in the apple pie contest. Lili at first refuses to go back, but then accepts when she realizes that her friends are looking for her.

The Ma-Pets became full of passion and try to undergo training to level up their princess power.

He calls himself “Masaki Oka” and he runs a Haiku club in the neighborhood. The Mightiest Disciple — Ixol Watching her seven brothers and Sei, she skates full speed. It attaches itself to Natsuki, who hates lies.

Ringo and Natsuki get into a fight over helping a middle school boy confess his feelings to his classmate.

Shukumei no Taiketsu Panda! The girls, figuring they should see the queen, head for the castle in the human world.

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Little Red Riding Hood is overjoyed at the deliciousness of her hamburger and episose to do something in return for Azuki. With only one card left, Lil’Pri gets psyched to use the last card to save Fairyland in one last concerted effort. Cover of the fifth original DVD volume.


Lil’Pri’s secret is almost revealed by three of their schoolmates. While Natsuki is telling this story, a voice is call at the front door. Ringo’s mother has to look after Ai, the daughter of her good friend, Tomoko.

Hearing this, Lil’Pri himf to join. Their Ma-Pets are apparently in awe during their first visit to a department store. To make a new year happen, Epissode and the inhabitants of Fairyland must perform to make Kukkuru appear for Ikkuru. However, when discussing what kind of play they want to do, the class is split and unable to come to a consensus.

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According to Natsuki’s grandfather, the dragon and tiger are said to be rivals in the position of being the strongest animal. The second chem, titled Puriri! Otogi Chikku Aidoru Rirupuriofficially Spellbound! At the kitchen, however, Sei manages to find the apple pies for tomorrow.

She meets the witch who convinces her to take her to the human world.

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