Saraswati asks Lakshmi to apologise to Menka but Lakshmi says that she was only fighting for her mother’s right and was not demeaning Menka. Savitri replies that she had prepared Saraswati’s favourite dishes. Gauri and Durga come down to the hall to watch the TV serial. Later, Lakshmi takes Saraswati aside and admits that she had overheard her conversation with Kshitij but Saraswati asserts that she will stand by their father’s choice. Meanwhile, Dhara tells Saraswati and her family that they got late for the function because Rajshri was adamant about attending the function although Dhara had warned her that she wouldnt be able to dance! When Suryakant goes to strangle Kshitij, Gauri blurts out that it was the fault of the letter that brought Kshitij here, and that he did not steal because he was with them all along! Menka assures Baa that she had taken the right decision but asks Baa to forgive her children. Menka asks him not to get angry with Lakshmi because it wasnt the fault of the girls that they had never accepted her although she had tried to be a good mother.

Yuvraj mentions how he had then staged the entire drama of getting Kshitij trapped! She then says that she’ll convince Suryakant to let Lakshmi also join them for breakfast. Dhara and Rajshri come with the henna cones to be given for the bride. Saraswati replies that she will marry Bhavishya. Saraswati keeps the remaining jewellery and clothes inside her wardrobe and is dragged out by Gauri before she can lock it. Henna is being applied on Saraswati’s hand when a courier arrives in her name. Savitri makes Saraswati’s favourite dishes the next day. Lakshmi then asks Kshitij if he loves Saraswati, so he replies that he loves Saraswati very much.

He asks her to take care of his honour. Suryakant is furious but Lakshmi comes to Saraswati’s rescue. Rasik warns Menka that she’s losing her grip on Suryakant but she assures him otherwise.

At home, Saraswati gets ready, and Gauri blurts out that Lakshmi has gone to search for the girl whom Bhavishya had fought with, at the temple. The girls try to get in touch with Yuvraj but he is busy gambling and drinking, se he doesn’t attend to the call.

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Kshitij is then disguised as one of the dancers. Lakshmi implores Savitri to speak to Suryakant and call off the marriage. Menka enters the rooms and scolds everyone for not respecting their elders. Just then, Rasik spots an earring hidden in Kshitijs sash! Bhavishya continues to put on an act of being good betiyan forgiving.


Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan-lastepisodeth august part4 – video dailymotion

Menka assures Baa that she had taken the right decision but asks Baa to forgive her children. She asks Baa, Halki and Phulki whether their birth was also regretted!

5590 months later, Menka gets pregnant and the baby showers are held with great pomp. He says eisode he has a boy in mind for Saraswati and asks Menka to let Suryakant get a whiff of this. Menka and Halki go to display the jewellery being given away to Saraswati but are shocked to see all the ornaments missing.

So, both of them peek from the window. Menka tells Rasik that when Dhara initially refused the proposal, she had thought her plan had failed.

Lakshmi is shocked to see Kshitij at the function. The priest arrives in the Goradia household and Baa scolds him for his false predictions. Suryakant thanks Menka for gifting him with Yuvraj and for being so understanding.

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Menka gestures to Rasik to shoot their picture. A furious Baa summons the girls and accuses Saraswati of being at fault, so she punishes Saraswati by saying that her marriage would be celebrated with grandeur but when she would leave home, all she would get was the lone earring!

The other sisters too join in. Menka pretends to be hurt and demands to know how Lakshmi could call her marriage illegal! Saraswati lxxmi the boy a cup of tea and even she realises that it is the same boy. Meanwhile, seeing the car approaching, the Goradia household is excited about meeting Yuvraj but their joy is short-lived when Rasik informs them that Yuvraj had left for a friend’s place from the airport.

Menka mentions to Suryakant and his family about a boy.

He reads it and vows that nobody can separate her from him now! Suryakant then announces that he has decided to go ahead with the marriage. Menka enters the room and scolds Savitri to spare her from trouble at least at night.


Menka later tells Rasik that she is not a fool to leave the house and asserts that Lakshmi wouldn’t dare go against her again!

Suryakant and the entire household are ecstatic! An enraged Suryakant warns Chanchal to take the jewellery but she refuses.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan-lastepisode-27th august 2009-part4

Yuvraj tries to calm an angry Suryakant by asking him to attend to Dhara and her family, while he would hand over Kshitij to ghsr cops. She asks Menka to punish her but not leave the house. Seeing Suryakant worried about what his daughters did, he curses them, so Menka says that Savitri had spoilt her daughters, and thats why Kshitij had taken advantage.

Saraswati asks Lakshmi to apologise to Menka but Lakshmi says that she was only fighting for her mother’s right and was not demeaning Menka. Chanchal announces to Suryakant that she wants to hand over all her jewellery epsiode Saraswati. Lakshmi then narrates everything that had transpired near the temple. Yuvraj comes just then and demands to know from Kshitij epiwode he was doing in the house.

Yuvraj returns home and tells his father that Kshitij had escaped. Menka puts on an act of being understanding and allows the girls to keep their room but Suryakant asserts that Yuvraj must get the laaxmi. Meanwhile, a man sells the stolen ornaments to a jeweller and takes the money in a suitcase.

Later, Yuvrajs birthday party is celebrated with great betiyajn. Meanwhile, a girl nearby pleads with a boy not to spurn her advances but he pushes her away. Meanwhile, Baa scolds Chanchal for not abiding by societal norms and taunts that her husband must have left her for the same reason! In the terrace, Lakshmi places Saraswatis hand in Kshitijs.

Savitri promises to keep Saraswati happy as long as she was in her paternal home, so she asks Saraswati about her favourite dishes. Chanchal tries to intervene but Savitri begs her not to interfere in her family affairs and asks her to leave the house.

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