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DRAFT. prEN August ICS Will supersede EN English Version. Testing fresh concrete – Part 1: Sampling and common. EUROPEAN STANDARD FINAL DRAFT NORME EUROPÉENNE prEN EUROPÄISCHE NORM June ICS Will supersede EN. BS EN Testing fresh concrete. Sampling (British Standard) This European Standard specifies two procedures for sampling fresh concrete by.

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Scope This practice specifies methods for making and curing test specimens for strength tests. Mechanical vibration with vibrating table Apply the vibration for the minimum duration necessary to achieve full compaction of the concrete. Subscription pricing is determined by: If the tamping operation of the top layer results in subsidence of the concrete below the top edge of the mould, add more concrete to keep an excess above the top of the mould at all times.

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Deposit the increment 12350-11 in the container. This should be taken into account in deciding the time when tests are carried out or specimens made. Add to Alert PDF. The most common method used in the sampling for casting with large volume of concrete is the spot sampling which is less time intensive due to the rate of pouring.

I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such info. Create a website or blog at WordPress. 13250-1 the mold in three layers of approximately equal height. Protect the sample from sun, wind, and other sources of rapid evaporation, and from contamination. Already Subscribed to this document. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. Move the scoop around the perimeter of the mold to ensure even distribution of material and minimize segregation.

Depending on the consistency of the concrete and the method of compaction, moulds shall be filled in one or more layers to achieve full compaction.


BS EN 12350-1:2009

Record the date and time of sampling. NOTE The requirement for remixing the sample before tests on the fresh concrete, or before making test specimens, is included in the relevant standards. Degree of compactability; Part 5: A sample of concrete is placed in a mold, shaped as the frustum of a cone, and compacted. It is distributed for review and comments.

Testing fresh concrete -Part 1: Sampling | Daniel Stănică –

Do not remove the device from the concrete when reading the temperature. Half of the strokes near perimeter, and then progressing with vertical strokes spirally toward the center.

Email required Address never made public. Procedure for Slump Test Apparatus being readied for slump test activity Fill the mold in three layers of approximately equal height. This will cause the delay of pouring and worst the rejection of other concrete truck loads because of the temperature overdue. Vebe test; Part 4: The place else may anybody get that type of info in such a perfect means of writing? Frequency shall be at least vibrations per minute The diameter of the internal vibrator not exceeding one-quarter of the smallest dimension of 123550-1 test specimen Vibrating table with a minimum frequency of 40 Hz 2 cycles per minute Compacting rod or bar Preparation and filling of the moulds Before filling the mould, cover the inner surface 1250-1 the mould with a thin film non-reactive release material to prevent the concrete from adhering to the mould.

Records shall be kept to ensure the traceability of the specimen from sampling to testing. If cement or concrete enters the eye, immediately wash it out thoroughly with clean water and seek medical treatment without delay.

Click here to sign up. Both parties will agree to the specific time limit as substantiated from the concrete design mix. Immediately measure the vertical difference between the height of the mould and that of the highest point of the slumped test specimen. EN Testing fresh concrete Part 1: It is subject to change without notice and shall not be referred to as a European Standard. When sampling from em falling stream, take the increment s in such a way as to represent the whole width and thickness of the stream.


Raise the mold carefully in a vertical direction with no lateral or torsional motion Raise the mold in 2 to 5 sec. Protect the sample from the sun, wind, and other sources of rapid evaporation, and from contamination. Procedure Place the TMD in the concrete so that the sensing portion is submerged a minimum of 75 mm. Record the temperature to the nearest 0.

Clean all the apparatus prior to use. There is often debate about the time limit between placing fresh concrete against fresh concrete already placed and compacted i. Help Center Find new research papers in: BS EN specifies two procedures for sampling fresh concrete, by composite sampling and by spot sampling.

BS EN – Testing fresh concrete. Sampling – BSI British Standards

While the spot sampling takes scoopfuls from the initial discharge of the concrete from the truck mixer. Your basket is empty. For this to occur the delay should be sufficient for the lower layer to develop an initial set or harden.

This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. Slump test; Part 3: As the load is discharged, sampling should be taken from the whole width and depth not just the top part. Rod the bottom layer throughout its depth.