Modern Language Association http: Sly, comedic attacks on all that was wrong could, as he later said, shock and make change. Start your free trial. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Al-Taqrir features an honest government employee who loses his job as a result of his honesty, and then devotes his life to collecting evidence of official corruption in order to make a public presentation of his findings. His theatre was always greatly and visibly influenced by the musicals of the Lebanese artist ‘Asi al-Rahbani and his wife, the diva Fayruz.

He grew up in relative poverty, and studied chemistry at Damascus University, which qualified him for a well-paying job as an instructor at the Chemistry Department. He is particularly remembered for his iconic television and film character, Ghawwar al-Tawsha, and for the not-so-veiled political jabs in his plays and films directed at the Arab world and its leaders. Watch our trailer of trailers. Ghawar the Football Player Actor. Please help by adding reliable sources. Duraid Lahham was born and raised in Damascus in Lahham was born in the Shi’ite Hay al-Amin neighborhood of Damascus in Retrieved February 22, from Encyclopedia.

This made Lahham’s theater not only comedic but also political in nature [2]. Lahham described Kasak Ya Watan as a play about the death of relations between a citizen and his country.

From toLahham and Qali formed a couple called “Duraid and Nihad” that was highly successful and famous among Arab audience. Learn more about ,ovies styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. How much of Duraid Lahham’s work have you seen? Sussex Academic Press, Start your free trial. Add it to your IMDbPage. Lahham’s political works stemmed from his conviction that art could make a difference in the Drid world, where open political dissent rarely was tolerated. Inhe visited districts of Southern Lebanon which had been liberated from Israeli occupationand gave a speech at a press conference criticizing George W.

Another of Lahham’s contributions to Arab television and film is his political commentary. Wildly popular, Sahh al-Nawm spawned a television sequel in and a film by the same name.

Among Lahham’s mobies political plays were three that he staged within five years after the defeat: Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.


Lahham teamed up with Qal’i in a television show called Aqd al-Lu’lu The pearl necklacewhich later was made into a film featuring the Lebanese starlet, Sabah.

Lahham was always enchanted by the theatre, participating in several plays during high school and college, while playing the clarinet in the high school band. The Israeli defeat of Syria and Egypt in the October Arab-Israeli War produced moviex new spurt of political energy lanam Lahham, as did Doridd unpopular peace treaty with Israel in Edit Personal Details Official Sites: In addition to his plays, Lahham also made several notable films with political themes.

Lahham was always enchanted by dorkd theatre, participating in several plays during high school and college, while playing the He was not rich, he was not attractive, and he did not live a life drastically different from their own. Audible Download Audio Books. He never gets the opportunity, however, because he is trampled to death as he enters the arena in which he intends to present his report. Political events influenced him greatly as well, transforming his career from that of a comedian, into a political satirist.

He grew up in poverty and had to work at several odd jobs to earn a living. After graduation, Lahham started out on a career as a chemistry professor at the university.

Inthe Ghawwar character appeared in the film Imbaraturiyyat Ghawwar Ghawwar’s empire where he saves his neighborhood from the rivalry between two powerful men that threatens to destroy it. He was also given medals of recognition for his work by Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba, who gave him the same medal inand Libyan leader Mu’ammar al-Qaddafi in Retrieved from ” https: Ghawwar was mpvies easy character with whom ordinary Syrians and Arabs dkrid identify: He was shocked dorkd the collective Arab defeat ofand greatly disturbed by separate peace of Egypt with Israel in After he began branching out into films, Lahham kept the character Ghawwar, although the character became less movkes a clown and more of an Arab Everyman dealing with the oppression and challenges facing the Arab world.

The worst and craziest IMDB has to offer. Thereafter Lahham quit teaching to devote himself full time to acting, even though this was considered a bad career move in a society that viewed a government job such as a university professor to be a secure and prestigious source of income.


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The comedic duo went on to make more than a dozen films in the s. In the early s, Lahham abandoned university teaching to devote his time fully to acting, although this was viewed, by the conservative society in Damascus, as un-wise, since teaching was a respectable and stable job, while actors were not highly respected, under-paid, and had an uncertain future.

Lahham and his comedic personas were loved throughout the Arab world by ordinary people and leaders alike, the latter of whom gave Lahham many awards and decorations over the decades.

He later claimed that devoting his life to art was one of the wisest decisions he ever made, since he achieved more success as an actor than any other profession, including university instruction, would have provided.

His first kaham May al-Husayni bore him two children, Tha’er and Abeer, while his second and current wife Hala al-Bitar bore him his youngest daughter Dina.

The worst and craziest IMDB has to offer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In four hours this dream evaporated, and we discovered that the Arab rulers lied to us, and that the victories they claimed moovies nothing but words.

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There is only one perfect crime; to be born an Arab. While teaching at university, he started to give dance lessons and befriended the artistic community in Syria.

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But no, artwork, at the end of the day, even if it is critical, is entertainment. January 31in Damascus, Syria. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

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