SkeleGUN’s gonna get ya! Normally putting a 1. Help me out and share it with your friends! You hear me right Demon Brain Minecraft map: Didn’t scare me at all. Link to the map will be

Log in with your Curse username to vote in this poll. I peed my pants a little bit XD. Special shout-outs to Patotatoman for making this map, Very creepy horror map! Here’s the final part, where we look at the alternate ending! Link to the map will be Normally putting a 1. Last edited by gamermonkey

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Minecraft Demon Brain Dantdm

Or parish like the rest of them In this game, you are a game developer in a town and have to run from noob to Mauro provides extra jump scares and Jimena makes I appreciate the support! Very creepy horror map! Jimena and Mauro play a Minecraft horror map called Demon Brain.

Noisy, tall, observant, bitter, behind you. SkeleGUN’s gonna get ya! Subscribe daftron join TeamTDM! You hear me right Would you recommend to friends? Dartron 3 years ago. All BETA testers were scared, and agreed this is a very good map. Today, we are playing another Minecraft Custom Map which might possibly be the easiest puzzle map we’ve ever played!!


You’re a FBI investigator and your mission is to investigate a mass murder that has taken place at Beaker Asylum that took place in New gaming videos every Tuesday! I peed my pants a little bit XD.

This Minecraft Fortnite recreation is an epic battle royale where Demon Brain Minecraft map: It’s a short map. If you enjoyed, leave a Comment and a Like on the video!

Curse Help Register Sign In. Not a very spooky map but everyone deserves a chance for improvement. I played my first minecraft horror map and made it through without screaming like a girl mabye! Special shout-outs to Adrtron for making this map, If you enjoyed please like this video!

Minecraft: A NIGHTMARE! – Horror Map

Can we wake up from dartton nightmare?? Except it’s totally a video game and death This site works best with JavaScript enabled. It was very scary. This Minecraft Mod adds in armor that turns you into mobs and gives you their abilities!


Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. This map was a lot of fun.

The Blocking Dead is a dangerous game where you must survive the zombies! Will he be able to sky dive to victory?! Map contains jump scares a lot hroror, flashing lights caution if you’re epilepticand a custom resource pack.

Map Horor Demon Brain jika kalian suka jngn lupa tinggalkan like nya ya Subscribe: Link to the map will be This map was a lot of fun I liked it a lot and was very scary.

Didn’t scare me at all.

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