He recalled going to the docks in Red Hook in Brooklyn where he confronted one of the stubborn husbands who worked there to convince him without using coercion to grant a divorce. The courtroom was packed with about 25 of Sipa’s friends and relatives, including his wife and mother, and about a dozen of Doody’s family and friends. Wolfson allowed Epstein to report to prison on March 1. He was the unit commander of the Drug Enforcement unit, and served as a member of the Special Enforcement Team and Internal Affairs unit. So we want to hear from you. In the sting, another FBI agent posing as the wife’s brother was supposed to drive the husband to a warehouse in Edison where he would be beaten until he agreed to grant the divorce. Attorney Paul Fishman said.

The federal sentence for Rufus Young, 42, of Asbury Park, reflected his top role in a group that distributed heroin throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties as well as other parts of New Jersey, U. See the posts below. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. He is the recipient of 19 medals and eight chief certificates, making him “the most highly decorated member of the entire Brick police department,” Ducey said. Browsing All Articles Articles. While Happel cited exchanging vows and the father-daughter dance as some of her favorite moments, a funny moment at the church was her top moment.

Barnegat man arrested after guns sent to wrong address. Find The Star-Ledger on Facebook. However, for year-old Danilo Ventura of Barnegat, lending his advice ended up being one of the smartest moves of his life.

A snowplow driver seeks revenge against the drug dealers he thinks killed his son. We know he was there,” O’Neill said. Orthodox Jewish women get civil divorces to settle financial and child custody issues, but without a get, they can’t remarry and their children are considered illegitimate. Montee’s sister also voiced concerns to Henderson that her three kids were supervised by non-certified aides.

However, it was a wedding tradition that the two held sacred that made it most memorable for themselves and their guests. Their model, known as SunsetWxforecasts the probability of vivid sunrises and sunsets every day, all across the nation. Nearly three decades later, that dream is now a reality. An action-packed story of one young woman’s journey to discover the truth of who she is and her figh Each provides a window into the life of someone who has gone through, or is going through a battle, in some form, with heroin or opioids in New Jersey.


Follow him on Twitter GregHatala. On another occasion, she charged that he asthmatic son was forced to participate in gym class even though he had a note from a doctor excusing him. Sipa and Doody, who met through a travel club, went to several remote locations, including the Amazon, O’Neill said.

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Clearbroik Tuesday, we opened the door to the reality of the heroin crisis in New Jersey. Rabbi Mendel Epstein was convicted of arranging the kidnappings of Orthodox Jewish men who refused to give their wives religious divorces.

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Find the South Jersey Times on Facebook. In those conversations, which were played for a jury during Epstein’s trial earlier this year, Epstein provides the undercover agents with details of how the husband movoes who turned out to be fictitious – would be taken to a warehouse in Edison where he would be kidnapped and beaten until he agreed to the get.

He said Sipa’s fingerprints would logically be in Doody’s home because the two were friends. Find him on Facebook. Based on the In a minute address to the judge, Epstein said he was “embarrassed and ashamed” at what he said in those conversations.

You can filter by the clwarbrook county by clicking the buttons at the top. Currently, the United States has military personnel deployed in about countries.

While Happel cited exchanging vows and the father-daughter dance as some of her favorite moments, a funny moment at the church was her top moment. Are you the publisher? Enjoy this second installment of messages sent by service members who hail from, or, who have family in the Garden State. In another case, he recalled going to a club full of belly dancers where he knew he’d find another recalcitrant husband.

Sitting in the audience Tuesday was Menachem Teitelbaum, a Brooklyn man who testified during the he and his roommate were beaten for hours in their apartment in Teitelbaum told jurors that his attackers yelled to his roommate, Usher Chaimowitz, orders to give his wife a divorce. Matt Gray may be reached at mgray njadvancemedia. A former wrestler and his family makes a living performing at small venues around the country, while They married there in October.


Lakewood rabbi and 2 others convicted in kidnapping conspiracy; son acquitted.

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TRENTON — Two rabbis who participated in the kidnappings and beatings of Orthodox Jewish men under the guise of a religious service in order to extract divorce agreements from them have been sentenced to federal prison. How rare would it be? Instead, FBI agents moved in and arrested Goldstein, Stimler and six others waiting to execute the planned kidnapping and beating. While the couple prided themselves on planning their wedding economically, there was a limit to their willingness to save.

Len Melisurgo may be reached at LMelisurgo njadvancemedia. Follow him on Twitter alexnapoNJ. But there was no husband. Lakewood rabbi sentenced to 10 years in prison for divorce kidnappings Wolfson has said that although Goldstein was not the organizer of the attacks, he attended the beatings to serve as the scribe to write the official religious divorce decree and had considerable knowledge of what was going to take place. Joint Base closure would have lasting negative impact Editorial.

He worked on the biggest federal investigation into fraud and corruption in New Jersey history, ” Operation Big Rig ,” which took down more than 40 people inincluding rabbis, mayors and other public officials. He offered a few tips for using the weight machines, and she soon fell in love. Keeping New Jersey’s military installations viable and thriving requires constant struggle and vigilance but the effort is worth it to keep the thousands of jobs that they generate.

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