Are all 1, by 1, pixels of a Blu-ray disc visible? This allows you to download remote apps that can control the Blu-ray player from your smartphone instead. While these specifications are secondary to player performance, they still play a strong role in daily use. Features by the Numbers: It passed all the essential tests I gave it, so film and non-film content will look very good. Excelent Blu-Ray player with poor memory. Since we often watch movies in the dark, a backlit remote would have been nice.

The Sony offers the best user interface, a wide selection of streaming content, and pixel-perfect Blu-ray playback. If you want to adjust the image to match the room, do this in the TV, not the Blu-ray player. The second D stands for Darbee Edition, as Oppo has thrown Darbee video processing right into the players. Is the color detail there? It has no issues handling the 3: We wanted any player we picked to offer at least certain key streaming services. With the Azur BD, Cambridge Audio utilizes only the core video components and transport, which adds its own analog audio section and execution. I bought this player to match a new 3D TV I got.

Before making a purchase, consider your current home television and b2108 cable types it needs to function. This year, the BP is virtually unchanged from its predecessor, while the Sony got an improved UI and design to make it our pick.

Samsung and LG players also offer some customization, but not as effectively. You can usually llayer the newer version of our regiew player at a more favorable price. The Cello 3d blu-ray player is a good little gadget and with a 3d tv too the 3d quality is great, it is quick to set up, a good product for the price so i would recommend it. The only features that have been added to Blu-ray players recently, such as screen mirroring and 4K upconversion, are inessential.

Is all the black-and-white detail there? Excelent Blu-Ray player with poor memory. But is it up for the challenge?


The company making this player seems to have gone out of business as the guarantee slip I sent in was returned ‘not at this address’. This seems to reset it. While boot time was only one of several data points we used — many players have quick-start settings that allow for instantaneous power on times — it can be an indicator of player performance in secondary areas.

Sony top and Oppo bottom remotes in a lit room and dark room. Chroma upsampling error CUE: Very Good value and playsr. Very Good value and quality. Bblu picture, sharper colors and streaming internet video can be yours when you add a new Blu-ray player to your home entertainment system.

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The Sony offers the best user interface, a wide selection of streaming content, and pixel-perfect Blu-ray playback. This year they went to a plain box design that solves this problem. There are three ports: It gives a sharp picture and can play every disc I have.

The menus and search are straightforward and easy to navigate, but the default apps are a nice touch. This seems to reset it. This website may contain links to any websites maintained by third parties. We used to recommend it as an upgrade pick, but the company has unfortunately discontinued its entire audio and video product line. He has not used the Lan connection as yet but if it it good as the spec. It sometimes took 30 seconds or more to start a movie on Netflix during our tests.

The level above adds Wi-Fi, then 3D, and then you get 4K upconversion. It costs twice as much as most other Blu-ray players we tested, but it supports native 4K, instead of scaling up p content. Something to get excited about, right? This entry was posted in Best.

Cello BD Blu-ray Player 12 product ratings 4. He is still finding new things it can do every day. Home theater setup can often quickly devolve into a mess of cables for various devices, but top Blu-ray players manage to work around these issues. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu were considered essential in a player. The bits on a Blu-ray are converted to a format your TV can handle when they are output.


The downside is that if the Sony servers are down, as has happened before, and you need to check in, you might not be able to watch Netflix. Improve the memory function and this would be unbeatable at the price. It also has a slower bd218, so the user interface can really lag at times.

For most people, spending just a little bit more for the S is the best option. Prior Sony players had a long, confusing list of services and features. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity and double functions as a media player and streaming box for popular applications like Netflix and Hulu. I db2108 it for my cellk who has thrown everything at it and cannot sing enough of it’s praise. Does it play back Blu-ray discs encoded at this popular cadence correctly?

It was the price that appealed most to me.

Without this, DVD movies will look choppy and have artifacts. Oppo has done a few more tweaks to their player, making it an even 3f Top Pick than before.

Cello BD2108 Blu-ray Player

Show More Show Less. The remedy is to turn off the power by unplugging from the mains. From toI handled almost all the Blu-ray player reviews for Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity; I had nearly 50 come through my hands over that time.

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