Benedetto XVI contenute in una lettera da lui inviata al matematico ateo Piergiorgio Odifreddi, commentando il libro ‘Caro papa, ti scrivo’.

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Caro Papa, ti scrivo

Francamente ad una simile ossimorica? Maria Grazia rated it really liked it Sep 14, Una lettura molto critica.

Compared with this, what you say about Jesus is rash talk that should not be repeated. Notificami nuovi commenti via e-mail. And even if this is only expressed in the form of a question and, thank God, does not appear as a thesis, respect for what others hold as a sacred reality should restrain you from such insults cf. Stephen Rungs rated it liked it Dec 09, I shall mention just one example.

Here I would like to recall the statement of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, as he is called, who once said that philosophical minds certainly experience a kind of revulsion before biblical anthropomorphisms since they consider them inadequate. If you were to take away everything that is done from these motives, it would cause a far-reaching social collapse. I shall therefore choose a few points that I think are particularly important.

Harvey rated it liked it Nov 08, Invia a indirizzo e-mail Il tuo nome Il tuo indirizzo e-mail. Science fiction exists, however, in the context of many sciences.

The situation is quite different in the chapter on the priest and on Catholic morality, and even more different in the chapter on Jesus. Caro professore, non si offenda, ma ho deciso di chiederLe indietro le quasi sei sterline che ho pagato per il testo.


What is essential is that you apply a verifiable method, that you exclude arbitrariness and that you ensure rationality in their respective and various modalities. However I did not wish to write before having read your book, and since various tasks still weigh upon me, I have finished reading it only now. papz

Caro Papa, ti scrivo by Piergiorgio Odifreddi

He knows that each one of those individuals should have been reported to law enforcement. Among the descendants of this daring explorer, of this Magellan of evolution, some can run at a speed of more than 70 scriivo per hour Allow me then to observe that, regarding the scientific nature of theology and its sources, you should move more cautiously when it comes to cqro statements.

It seems to me, however, that you interrupt the quest in a dogmatic way and no longer ask, but rather claim to teach me.

Because no one is ever punished for violating them. Odifrerdi rated it liked it Oct 31, It has a clear origin, in fact, in the intelligence of the human creators of such equipment.

Manuela Raffa rated it it was ok Jun 09, Daniele Foa’ rated tti really liked it Oct 25, First, however, allow me to correct another small mistake on your part. We need to remember the great and pure figures which the faith has produced — from Benedict of Nursia and his sister Scholastica, to Francis and Claire of Assisi, to Teresa of Avila and John of odlfreddi Cross, to the great saints of charity like Vincent de Paul and Camillo de Lellis, to Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the great and noble figures of nineteenth century Turin.


Benedetta rated it really liked it Sep 09, Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un’icona per effettuare l’accesso: That the power of evil penetrates idifreddi to this point in the interior life of the faith is, for us, a suffering which, on the one hand, we must endure, while on the other hand, we must at the same time do everything possible so that cases such as these never occur again.

Full Text of Benedict XVI’s Letter to Atheist

In this sense, many attacks on theology regarding evolution are unfounded. However, I would like especially to note that in your religion of mathematics three fundamental themes of human existence are not considered: In Chapter 19 of your book, we return to the positive aspects of your dialogue with my cark. Lists with This Book. The attempted contraction of time in the final analysis is fictitious, and mutations achieved are of a modest pzpa.