Dear Sir, I am policy holder of Birla Sunlife ULIP Saral Jeevan. While taking policy the agent didnt tell me anything. I have invested now. Read more about Birla Sun Life floats ULIP Saral Jeevan on Business Standard. Birla Sun Life Insurance Company (BSLI), a joint venture. Insurance Company, Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Ltd About Plan, The BSLI Saral Jeevan plan provides the dual benefit of protection and investment.

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We value your trust in us and assure you the best of our service at all times. While taking policy the agent didnt tell me anything. I am not going to renew this policy.

What happens if Sagal miss out paying my premiums? We may increase this charge at any time in the future subject to a maximum of Rs.

Birla Sun Life Saral Jeevan Policy — MisLeading

Birla Sun Life Insurance. Birla Sun Life to have simpler Ulip offerings 11 Dec, Now only i came to know that they are doing jeevan business this way. Please send me a copy of my current account statement my Policy no[protected]Saral Jeevan at earliest as possible. The review reads more of a rant from someone who is the victim of his own ignorance and is going by what people are telling him.

The surrender charge is applied if and when you surrender your policy in the first 3 policy years. The ingenuineness ssaral this review appears doubtful. I would like to know the status of this. The NAV is determined based on whether we are purchasing appropriation price or selling expropriation price assets in order to meet the daily transactions of unit allocations redemptions associated with the investment fund.

Please provide me actual bjrla about my policy number[protected]. It is very urgent. They one nice girl and a guy visited biral and brainwashed me very well that there are 8 options and you can switch among them anytime without any cost.

During the first three policy years – Your policy will lapse if we do not receive the entire policy premium by the end of the grace period. To invest on other equity, debt and tax saving funds, you can visit the szral select feature on our website and select funds in the category of funds that suits your investment criteria.


They said that I have signed the policy and had a 15 days grace period to get out the policy.

Alert on new comments on this reviews. If you are unable to pay the policy premium by the due date, you will be given a grace period of 30 days during which time all insurance cover under your policy will continue.

I decided to fight against this misselling.

Actually you must know that there are charges involved in any fund management ULIPs saraal also a type of fund management instruments. Dear sir, We regret the delay in response to your query for policy number[protected], I just want to know about what is process of chang the address. Every month cost of insurance which includes administration charges and mortality charges are deduted in terms of unit which is reflecting in Policy Account Statement.

Birla Sun Life floats ULIP Saral Jeevan

For any further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us between 9 a. I contacted my agent and he said that he will do the necessary to cancel the policy and that I will get my Rs after 3 years. This means all of ibrla policy premium will be invested in the investment funds of your choice. I have gone through a lot of mental agony over the past 10 months.

We provided many proofs that we didn’t get but After three completed policy years – If we do not receive the entire policy premium by the end of the grace period, then you will be given a period of two years starting on the due date of the unpaid policy premium to pay all outstanding premiums till date.

If you withdraw money from ULIPs in 3 years, you will certainly have a loss but with time the value increases quite a lot. The application form has all the charges listed in it. All the Private Insurance Players are misleading people and playing with their hard earned money. Finally I got a letter stating that my claim is not valid as I have signed the application form.


If you do not pay your premium within the grace period of 30 days, the following will be applicable: I myself a victim of such unethical business practice. El Elvister R Marak. What if I change my decision of buying the policy? Worst the policy was returned to Birla reason House was locked that time!

I feel this review is: May God help the unsuspecting poor and small investors of this country. I don’t just understand this chap. At the end of this two-year period, we will give you the choice to either surrender your policy or continue it without the payment of additional policy premiums. He would do all research on buying a TV or anything else for the same amount, but gets brainwashed into buying Insurance. While selling to you they never disclose about many charges and at a letr stag you will be shocked to see the hidden charges.

Provided that nothing in this section shall prevent the insurer from calling for proof of age at any time if he sqral entitled to do so, and no policy shall be deemed to be called in question merely saarl the terms of the policy are adjusted on subsequent Regards Chandru [protected] Forwarded message[protected] From: Did he not hear about the principle xaral Caveat Emptor?

However, they are applicable only after the policy starts yielding returns. An OTP has been sent to your email address.

I have Salary account with citi bank. Policy number is NAV varies on daily basis depending on market fluctuations. Please help me out in this matter sir. This is the worst policy I am ever seen.