Contribute Add a new language! Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. What do you say, Abi? Tea is ready and is put on low. We need to hire some people here, don’t we? Don’t you forget about this. The man came for cleaning the mine field, and he ran into mines of our family.

Connect to YouTube No thanks. I am behind my words. It is evening and he still hasn’t returned. No matter how you look at it, there are million crossing here. Embed the video bir bulut olsam-episode 1 part1 urdu subtitles. She also saw you at the hospital. You put your video on Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and you want the subtitles you make to work on all of those versions.

Tea is ready and is put on low.

bir bulut olsam-episode 1 part1 urdu subtitles – video dailymotion

I have been trying to reach you since yesterday. God bless your hands As you know, Serdar will eat one whole pot! Was it the doctor? They are going to return home whenever they feel like it. Yaw, you are not crazy.

No right, title, or interest in and to the content of this video is claimed and no commercial gain is intended. Narin olszm not accept mustafa her cousin as he is related by blood to her.


Okay, you can drink your tea later.

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Ya, for the love of God, Mahmut Pasa, just be quiet, will you? I was waiting for you to help me with my homework!

I can eat full plate again. Wait for her to die in front of my eyes? Mustafa in a moment of impulse shoots Narin to end this pain for them both with tragic unexpected consequences.

Will Narin survive, will Mustafa win her love, will Serdar confess his love or will all three burn in in thier fire of passion,failure and obsession? Here, let me give her to you so she can hear your voice. My brother, where are you? Use the following code to embed this video. Until what grade did you study, Narin? Episode 1 – http: Series revolves around Mustafa Bulut engin and Narin melissa who are married by family elders.

I am going to start with the stuffed grape leaves Because, I know Zehra Abla is a wonderful cook! We are going to come rescue you. Close Upload Subtitles Login to upload subtitles.


Your husband oldam it that way. I didn’t do much at the hotel, but, I walked around a little too much today. It is evening and he still hasn’t returned.

Don’t you forget about this. I’m paying for it? Multiple video URLs let you link multiple videos to a single set of subtitles.

I am all at sea. Okay, I am here.

Mustafa Bulut divorce scene-urdu subtitles

Subtifles it was up to me, I would operate to check but First, you should get used to me being a daughter-in-law, Mother, dear. My mom will come. Is this a remote place? Did something happen to Narin, again? Useful when many versions of the same video exist, or when there are different formats like HTML5.

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