Mykage even got a happy ending. First watch the following I picked one from every genre: A lot of fans were expecting Amata and Kagura to fuse but that would just destroy the characters. C Control Episode 1 English Dub. Aquarion Evol Episode 26 Discussion. Anyway, it worked out just fine, the plot was great till the end. Everyone waited for Aquarion Love and they returned.

Wedding scene wouldve been great Evol Love was so obvious if you were able to get the whole theme of the anime Zessica- “Get a room, you two A really good episode with MikonoxAmata ending as expected. Kagura and green hair girl also join. I just can’t bring myself to like it as much as I probably could have, it was a really big letdown. Kagura and Zessica make a good couple. He chases her around for 25 episodes and then suddenly is like ‘Oh my love is not as real or as strong as Amata’s, I give up!

I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul. What is a good Anime to watch? Code Geass favorite anime of all time! This englidh was pretty good, despite me knowing much about the 1st season.

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Somehow Kagura goes through this personality change and he’s suddenly okay with letting Mikono go and letting Amata have her? Now I need some mind bleach Tl;dr I just rvol to be the main character. Ii tenki desu ne I’m level on mal-badges. Why is it that one sad expression makes her ending disappointing? This end is so weird You didn’t get my point.


What Anime should I watch?

I’m sorry if you misinterpreted what I said, I didn’t mean to come off that way. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

There is someone, its Shrade. It had the potential to be good, as shown in the first half, but then it went horribly wrong Judging this episode alone, this was a good episode. I saw Animesuki Forums. Much better than the prequel Epsode agree.

P It’s great that nobody died and that everybody has a happy ending. Somehow the girl got released and fell. Sunday Without God http: From my Judgement on Aqurion Evol. That made two earths connecting together.

She was mind raped by a gay angel who prayed on her insecurities and used her body to attack her friends. Lines alone engliwh bad enough and when you add this whole fag and dog stuff Cause I am perfect.

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Anyways just finished tosogare Otome, so good good good, it rescued me from despair of the Evol series. She has the power of “spacial augmentation.

Can anyone recommend animes that are similar to some of these and have a dubbed version out? O Until the subs come out, I don’t want to start evaluating the episode and show in general. First watch the following I picked one from every genre: Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

It has become an another Guilty Crown especially Scenarios with same Seiyuus. On MAL, everyone who has used the lame rating system becomes a critic and an intellectual by default, haven’t you heard? Or who knows, a gay angel will come out from you. This is my criteria of how I love this episode. I don’t need anyone’s crap to force me which series I should like.


Look at kagura, his parents ignored him, Alicia even called him the “other”, he lost Silive, lost everything. The ending is sososososo bad!!!!

Everyone waited for Aquarion Love and they returned. That was some cheesy super robot ending right there. He chases her around for 25 episodes and then suddenly is like ‘Oh my love is not as real or as strong as Amata’s, I give up!

Prob would lower my score if I knew more about other season. Mikono continued to remain completely and utterly useless as a character up until the very end- that was absolutely disappointing as well.

The show itself was an awesome watch.

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More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Mikage wanted to have the body, but the patched eye guy trapped zquarion. People die no matter what even if you don’t want. It would have been better if she had not existed in this series at all- I mean was there a real point to having her in show?

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