Completed Surf and Turf. Mighty Dragon But it will have to wait for Space and Star Wars. Completed Beach Volley 46 Complete Classic Episode 6 without the Mighty Eagle. Luckily you only have to put up with him for 15 levels, and the video guides can be found in the same place as the usual Mighty Eagle videos, so it’s not all that bad. Head into Classic, and fire up the first episode.

Completed Cherry Blossom 38 Complete Seasons Episode 12 without the Mighty Eagle. Completed Wreck the Halls 40 Completed Easter Eggs 57 Get 3 stars in all levels in an episode. Complete Seasons Episode 1 without the Mighty Eagle. Gravel Factory 49 Agree with all the other misery spewed about this level.

Complete Seasons Episode 3 without the Mighty Eagle. Prepare to occasionally wake up in the middle of the night though, screaming after a nightmare about Rovio announcing new DLC Then I just throw the second bird like the strategy describes.

Complete Seasons Episode 5 without the Anggry Eagle. Great Score Lark Bunting!!

Angry Birds Trilogy Walkthrough – Page 4

Make a bird fly meters. I did, and scored a whopping ,!! Hope you enjoy Piglantis: Complete Seasons Episode 6 without the Mighty Eagle. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission.


This level was sooooo hard for me when I played it for the first time and was the last one that I got three stars on. Mighty Eagle Takes down the far right qngry every single time! I finally raised my score using the video method, but it took forever to get it to do exactly as in the video. I had been restarting fairly quickly, but once I waited just a few more seconds, the right side tumbled down.

Angry Birds Trilogy Walkthrough

So let’s get going. The goal is to topple everything to the right.

Complete Rio Episode 4 without the Mighty Eagle. Complete Seasons Episode 2 without the Mighty Eagle. Bird 1 aim just over first roof of closest building but so it goes under roof of second building.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level 1-12 Walkthrough

One thing worth mentioning is that the right side destruction is actually the trickiest part of this. There is only seasohs Golden Egg to be found onbut instead you’ll have to collect 15 hidden fruits in each episode.

My highest rank ever. Once you get to levels with the Yellow Bird, these two achievements will also come very easily: Basically, do not throw the white Momma bird harder than necessary to reach the shell.


Very nice score kathy! Smash 50 blocks with the first bird before launching another bird. This method is the best for sure.


They’re nowhere near as hard as the ones in Classic, so no need to worry. Completed Bad Piggies 38 Animated Puzzles Star Win 10 Guide.

The video walkthroughs are accessed from the same hubs as normal as well. Rio only has one Golden Egg and the others are unlocked by completing each Golden Egg level in succession, so it does not have a proper walkthrough page. Completed Poached Eggs 29 Fail a level 10 consecutive times. Bottom right – Hit the TNT on top of the wrench with any bird to get this one. Fire, drop, BOOM, wait…repeat. Completed Smugglers’ Den 32 It only gave around k though because most of the right structure was still standing.

Finish a level with a single bird. Amazing Alex WP Guide.

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