r; Corrupt message content. Please help. I’ve scoured the internet and found nothing but abandoned forums with no answers, just. Iam getting a bounce back with NDR that says”” # STOREDRV. Deliver; Corrupt message content ##”” with few of the users. The generating server. # ´╗┐Corrupt message content STOREDRV”. Facts: Apparently , it can fail but can also deliver successfully. ”

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I’ve been working with support to get the hotfix for this but could stop that process if the updates is going to be released soon. Now that you know more about what’s happening you might want to enable content conversion tracing, too:.

You must log in or register to reply here. We are having an issue on both the and servers where we get reports of users sending internal messages but get a NDR bounceback with the error: No virus detected messaye but ensure you scan with your own anti-virus system. Regards Fazal M Khan. Deliver; Corrupt message content rfc;e exchange.

All I can establish is that there appears to be a problem with MaxBulk Mail mailings and some Microsoft servers; I don’t seem to be able to get beyond that. Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you. Another server has thrown up the same problem this time in Germany I’m scratching my head over this one. Thank you for this thread we have migrated and upgraded from Exchange to a few days ago and had a couple of email addresses resulting with this error, I disabled the disclaimer rule and it seemed to do the trick.


As I told you I have never seen that error corupt. Sign in to vote.

#554 5.6.0 STOREDRV.Deliver; Corrupt message content ##rfc82

There is a simple way to tell Thunderbird to send all attachments as real attachments, thus fixing the problem of E-mails being returned. Additionally, please enabled pipeline tracing by running the following command to confirm the issue: Allen Song May 16, Forums Forum list Search forums. Mac OS is Deliver; Corrupt message content rfc This problem occurs because Thunderbird normally sends attachments inline as part of the message body contwnt of as a real attachment.

But it isn’t your case, so please take your time to reply the above questions for my further research. Even when medsage recipients are on the same server. Thread starter kgamarketing Start date Aug 21, Please check if OWA has this issue.

#554 5.6.0 STOREDRV.Deliver; Corrupt message content ##

Did this issue only occur when sending the email with attachment? I’ve checked with AuthSMTP support my ESMTP outgoing mail server and with both publishers whose mail servers are generating the problem Storedr.deliver found another problem server – see belowand nobody can pinpoint the source of the error. I know a fix storedrvd.eliver been made but not sure which RU it will be included it. It looks like some kind of internal issue.

Hi, Was this issue only encountered by the internal users?

# r; Corrupt message content ## | Outlook Forums by

Messages are always internal, to recipients on the same server. Office Office Exchange Server. We have a mixed Exchange environment where we have user mailboxes hosted on both Exchange and Exchange mailbox servers. I had this exact same problem.


We do not use OWA and have it disabled for all users in our organization.

I see some people have the same issue, when they install the latest Service Pack or Rollup and disable the anti-virus, the issue is solved. Thread starter smajji Start date Apr 5, Views 11, Cotnent, May 13, 3: Deliver; Corrupt message content Original message headers: If you can’t determine what the problem is, open a case with MS and let them know you have pipeline tracing enabled and that you have an example.

Tue, 18 Aug It is outlook issue. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Inline or as standard attachments? Are you sending attachments? This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

# r; Corrupt message content ##rfc82 | Maxprog Forums

You’ll have to pick a user and start pipeline tracking to see what the message looks like at the various points in the transport pipeline. Please provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator. Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server Diagnostic information for administrators: